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Three days in the garden city

Bangalore looks absolutely lovely by night.

At least the portions I saw when I made my way from the station to my friend’s place.

I think I like this place better, everytime I visit.

I’m sitting in a cyber cafe in Koramangla right now.

Don’t they have the most amazing bungalows here? Low sloping tiled roofs. Huge terraces. And pretty gardens. Sigh…

I had to gape as I passed by one of the most beautiful looking dwelling abodes I’ve seen in a while. I mean you just don’t see these kind of houses in Mumbai.

I have three days to spend in the garden city. Three days of total time pass. Ah… I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

So what should I do? What do people do here? I am definitely going to Aroma Garden sometime tomorrow, where I had the most amazing pedicure the last time I came here. I mean you have got to experience it to know! I couldn’t find a place like that in Mumbai.

And any other helpful tips on ways to amuse myself in Bangalore are welcome!


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