Bangalore looks absolutely lovely by night.

At least the portions I saw when I made my way from the station to my friend’s place.

I think I like this place better, everytime I visit.

I’m sitting in a cyber cafe in Koramangla right now.

Don’t they have the most amazing bungalows here? Low sloping tiled roofs. Huge terraces. And pretty gardens. Sigh…

I had to gape as I passed by one of the most beautiful looking dwelling abodes I’ve seen in a while. I mean you just don’t see these kind of houses in Mumbai.

I have three days to spend in the garden city. Three days of total time pass. Ah… I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

So what should I do? What do people do here? I am definitely going to Aroma Garden sometime tomorrow, where I had the most amazing pedicure the last time I came here. I mean you have got to experience it to know! I couldn’t find a place like that in Mumbai.

And any other helpful tips on ways to amuse myself in Bangalore are welcome!

12 thoughts on “Three days in the garden city

  1. anita, if you are into partying try and visit the 13th floor. Its a lounge on the 13th floor of barton centre and i am sure the view will be worth it. do let us know how the 3 days went. by the way where is aroma room. might wanna try it out the next time i am there

  2. Korags is a fantastic locality. Make sure to drive down the Ring Road from Korags to Indira Nagar. You can actually get a picturesque view of the runway at Bangalore airport from ring road. If you are lucky, u can even see a plane or a MIG landing at close qrts.

  3. Sandhya: 13th floor sounds interesting. Aroma Garden (not room) and I’m not sure where it is exactly, but will ask my friend who took me there last time.

    Deepak: That sounds nice. Shall ask friend to take me on a ride that side 🙂

  4. The only Bangalore I know is MG – Brigade Road… Just a walk down there is an awesome feeling…

    Have a great time there!

    Houses in Hyderabad too are candy to the eye… especially the posh sprawling bungalows in Jubilee Hills!

  5. If you’re into shopping, try criss-cross alleys of Commercial street, and do bargain. A lot of good stuff can be found (even tailored in an hour flat). On the same lane, don’t forget gulab jamoons at a no-name shop (4-6 shops from the entrance on the right).

  6. The only 3 nights I remember spending in B’lore was about 7 years. Those days the pubs on MG roads were the place to be.. I am not sure they are open late into the nights nowadays..

  7. Hey Anita…my city’s beautiful, isn’t it? Gosh, I really miss it.

    Ok, if you’re into classic rock and great beer, hit The Pecos Pub. Get onto Brigade Rd from the MG Road end and it’s on the 2nd right.

    If it’s shopping, those little gullies criss-crossing Commercial street are ok for clothes and girlie odds and ends. Otherwise, MG Rd or Brigade Rd to do the window shopping thingy! The brigade-MG-Residency Rd area is also the place to be if you want to do some pub hopping.

    Hit Gangarams (MG Road) or Strand (Manipal Centre – off MG Road) for some typical Blore bookshopping experience. If you’re into burgers then Indiana Fast Foods (Patricks complex – at Brigade Rd-Residency junction) is a MUST!

  8. I could really go on and on…if there’s anything in specific that you want to do while you’re there, I can give you pointers. A lot has changed over the last 4 years since I moved out of there. Every time I go back home everything looks so different!!

    Make sure you post about your stay elaborately!! Have fun!

  9. Amit: There’s a pub at every corner here! And all of them look pretty nice too.

    LL: Must do a Hyderabad trip next!

    Chetan: Thanks for advice. I’ve done so much shopping already 🙂

    Shakechilli: I think they’re open till about 11-12 at night.

    Nobody: You’re from Bangalore? You must miss it. It’s a real cool place. And thanks for the tips!

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