According to the Middle-earth Name Generator

In Middle-earth, Anita Bora was a Staggering Elven Maiden.

Elven Name Possibilities for Anita Bora: Luiniavasiel, Luiniavasien, Luiniavaswen.

Hobbit lass name for Anita Bora: Primula Maggot from Grindwall.

Orkish Name for Anita Bora: Gâbwûsh the Cruel.

I definitely like the last one. It’s got an evil ring to it. It kinda suits me.

(Link via the other Anita or Bâshbog the Deathskull, as she now prefers)

5 thoughts on “Henceforth I shall be called Gâbwûsh the Cruel

  1. Ya, true. Guess one can’t have enough of the middle-earth. I’ve looked at some other elf & hobbit name generators before. So an orc & dwarf name kind of completes the picture 🙂

  2. hi, i used to be pavan now im the prancing hill troll. can u imagine a hill troll prancing like tom bombadil? well thats me 🙂

    According to the Red Book of Westmarch,

    In Middle-earth, my name is :Prancing Hill-troll

    elven name is :Pellamorgûl

    hobbit lad is:Freddy Green from Dwaling

    Dwarven Name is :Borin Bloodyhand

    Orkish Name is : Gromkrísh the Raider

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