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Henceforth I shall be called Gâbwûsh the Cruel

According to the Middle-earth Name Generator

In Middle-earth, Anita Bora was a Staggering Elven Maiden.

Elven Name Possibilities for Anita Bora: Luiniavasiel, Luiniavasien, Luiniavaswen.

Hobbit lass name for Anita Bora: Primula Maggot from Grindwall.

Orkish Name for Anita Bora: Gâbwûsh the Cruel.

I definitely like the last one. It’s got an evil ring to it. It kinda suits me.

(Link via the other Anita or Bâshbog the Deathskull, as she now prefers)


  1. Ya, true. Guess one can’t have enough of the middle-earth. I’ve looked at some other elf & hobbit name generators before. So an orc & dwarf name kind of completes the picture 🙂

  2. pavan says

    hi, i used to be pavan now im the prancing hill troll. can u imagine a hill troll prancing like tom bombadil? well thats me 🙂

    According to the Red Book of Westmarch,

    In Middle-earth, my name is :Prancing Hill-troll

    elven name is :Pellamorgûl

    hobbit lad is:Freddy Green from Dwaling

    Dwarven Name is :Borin Bloodyhand

    Orkish Name is : Gromkrísh the Raider

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