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If tomorrow never comes…

Since the whole world seemed to have watched the movie, I decided that it was high time that I had a look at what Karan Johar’s latest offering was all about. I never got to see KKKG on screen. I caught it much later when they screened it on television. Walking around MG Road on Tuesday, I wandered into Plaza. They had advance tickets for the next day. I quickly called Pallavi and she readily agreed to accompany me (with her hubby refusing to watch the movie, I guess she didn’t have much of a choice!).

The title track of Kal Ho Na Ho is one of those songs that stays with you long after you’ve walked out of the hall. The other two numbers I really liked are It’s the time to disco and Mahi ve for their verve and energy. Looking at Shahrukh on the floor, showing off his dancing skills, you are but left wondering if it’s the same guy who recently suffered from a back problem.

After a host of dismal, horrific and nightmarish movies I’ve seen this year, I think this one is definitely one of the better offerings so far. The best part is the interactions between the Khans (have they acted together before?). I thought they did a good job with their light hearted camaraderie and the ‘gay’ exchanges they have for the benefit of Kaanta bai.

Saif’s role is like a continuation from Dil Chahta Hai and after a crop of mediocre roles and movies, he seems to have found a niche at last. I’m not a huge fan of Shahrukh’s, but this movie only proves why he’s such a big name.

While the first half deals mainly with the interaction between the three protagonists, the second half is Shahrukh all the way. And with his ‘very flexible’ face and eyes, the senior Khan puts in all he’s got into the performance. You just can’t help but feel for him and what he’s losing out on – the love of his life. The end is stretched quite a bit. And Shahrukh, who seems to be in the pink of health pre-interval, suddenly looks pale, stricken and sick. The change is too sudden.

Preity is great. She tends to take you along wherever she goes – whether it’s to her happy or sad place. And I loved seeing Jaya all casually dressed and quite opposite her role in KKKG. All of the cast – Jaya, Preity, Saif and Shahrukh – share excellent chemistry and it reflects on screen.

But then this is not a review, so I’ll stop right here just say that it was a reasonably good movie. It would have been a great one if they had made it a little shorter. I can only sustain my sympathies for a character for that long, not the whole of post interval.

I guess after watching two hour English flicks, three and half hours does really seem taxing on the nerves, however good the film.

Pallavi and I laughed a lot during the first part though, which is not surprising since it doesn’t take much to get either of us laughing.

So if you haven’t watched it yet, catch someone and go. Be prepared for your hubby/fiance/partner refusing to go with you though. Men find ’emotional’ flicks quite difficult to digest, poor things.

What I liked most about the movie was its premise. Why go about life you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Did anyone force the burden on you? Why not live every moment? Live life like you’re really alive. Don’t waste too much time regretting, getting upset over silly things, getting angry over things you have no control over (like your partners, for example!). Live today like there’s no tomorrow. For who knows – Kal ho na ho


  1. God you are being too nice to SK !! LOL !!

    You are right there thoughits much better than watching some movies like Ghath and Krodh !! Yeessh !!

  2. zehra qureshi says

    shahrukh khan iloved him the way he acted. my heartrob , i was seen crying by mom every day since i watched the movie. i have never taken shah rukh khan seriously but now i do. i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu. the performance was great by all of the characters especially lajjo ji.i liked thecomedy of shahrukh khan. after watching the movie i realized that my who knows there will be a tommorow or not. i said sorry 2 my mom as well as my dad. shahrulh khan rulz

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