Can we have the movies back, please!

The current status quo over the screening of Hindi films is not only affecting the distributors, it is also affecting regular cine-goers who I am sure are missing out on their daily dose of entertainment.

One of the spokesperson said that this is ?the last opportunity to save the language (Kannada)? (TOI, Nov 24). Last opportunity? That sounds a little too much, really. I understand people’s concern regarding their language, but surely there is a better way to ensure this than to target another language? That too, an Indian one, the last time I checked.

I thought entertainment is entertainment, notwithstanding the language. Shouldn’t I as a viewer have the right to decide what movie I want to watch and in what language? Why should a group of activists decide for me? This takes away my freedom to watch what I want, when I want.

If I want to enjoy a Hindi movie, I shouldn’t have to wait for 7 weeks just because someone else thinks that Kannada is suffering. I am all for preservation of culture and language, but this is surely not the way to propagating a culture!

And isn’t Hindi is an Indian language? Why is it being made out to be some foreign language!

From a 3 week moratorium, the group is now demanding a 7-week moratorium. Unfortunately, not only will audiences miss out on the latest movies, they will most probably watch them on pirated CDs.

I can’t imagine something like this happening in Mumbai. It’s like people saying only Marathi movies can be released in Mumbai. All others can follow. Weeks later!

I really think that serious measures should be taken to promote Kannada in whatever way possible ? have more culture events, hold plays, street festivals. But targeting Hindi is only going to make matters worse. And I can’t see it solving the purpose either.

Are people, who don’t go for Kannada movies, going to rush to watch them because there is nothing else available? I seriously doubt it.

All the ?top film? personalities behind this should wake up and smell the coffee. And let us enjoy our daily entertainment, please! In whatever language we choose.


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