So Brokeback Mountain (BM) got crashed out at the Oscars! I was pretty surprised since I was expecting BM to win after all the hype and hoopla leading up to the event. And it did win several of the other awards, including Best Director for Ang Lee.

Then, suddenly, I hear it’s not BM at all. But another movie called Crash. Where did it come from? I remember once having nearly seen the movie at a friend’s place but we never got around to it (now I wish we had!). According to news reports, this shock decision might have been due to the fact that BM made some of the Academy fuddy duddies a little uncomfortable with the whole gay love theme and Crash was their safe harbour.

Since I haven’t watched any of the movies, I can’t really tell whether it was a deserving win for Crash. But I’m really eager to watch all the movies now!

I have 4 must-watch movies this week : Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha and Pride & Prejudice! A couple of back-to-back sessions should do it!

Has anyone watched any of these movies?

5 thoughts on “Crashed out!

  1. I actually did see both Crash and Brokeback Mountain. I thought Crash was a much more well crafted and gripping film than Brokeback was. It deals with prejudices that all of us carry and is beautifully nuanced. It doesnt have one main story and has plenty of sub plots that intersect along with some really comic moments. It ensemble cast was awesome. Brokeback Mountain is a painful story of forbidden and sometimes rejected love, something all of us have experienced, only in this case it brings out the frustrations and sadness that gay people are forced to live with. On the whole I thought the story was a little weak though. I would have liked to see it win simply to make a statment, but having seen both I think Crash was more gripping. But Heath Ledger was great.I havent seen Capote but I do wish Heath Ledger had won the Best Actor nomination!

  2. Remember that movie we were supposed to watch after that play at Alliance a long time ago? That was Crash. It’s a brilliant movie. I thought it deserved all the awards it got!

  3. eapee: am looking forward to watching both of them even more now 🙂 watching crash tonight and brokeback is going to be released this friday so hopefully will catch it then…

    vaish: yes, i remember!! i think we looked at the stars instead that day. haha. am looking forward to watch it now 🙂

    perry: yes! most of them…

  4. Watched most of the Oscar nominated movies – (for direction, movie, best actor, supporting actor, actress, supporting actress) – and I have to say that this year’s Oscar is one of the beset Oscars in recent years. It was such a powerful selection. The movie that made the strongest impression on me is “Good Night and Good Luck” – stellar performance by David Strathairn. Who would thought that George Clooney has such directorial talents.

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