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Yet another birthday

So I turned another year older today.

Yet Another Birthday

I can’t believe how the year went flying past. I thought it was only the other day when I last celebrated my birthday!

I had the most wonderful birthday, thanks to all of you who called and wished me including Rinku, Rukshana, Jaya, Shankar, Usha, Mona, Rup, Arpita, Vivek C, Arun B and the surprise one – Charu – who said she had done some calculation based on my name and figured out my birthday. I was so impressed and was going to comment on her perceptive abilities when she spilled the secret: ‘No, madam, I went to Ryze and checked!’ Anyway, that was a good one and I nearly feel for it.

And to all those who made it extra special by being there – Anshul, Apra, Archana, Geetha, Poo & Rohit, Reena, Sabir & Saima, Jil & Rocky, Vasu, Zeeshan, Shibs, Suman M, Suman K, Chitra, Zoo, Madman and Venx – thanks a ton!

I had not, one but two cakes. And thanks to Jil & Rocky for the cutest cake anyone has ever gotten for me! I was simply floored and didn’t feel like cutting the cake for a long time 🙂 And to the rest of the gang for yet another really yummy cake with strawberries!

Aquadreamer, my ‘favouritest’ baby Tara and the musical Prasan, you were all sorely missed!

Do read Usha’s beautiful post on this topic a few days ago. It’s definitely about the state of mind and how you choose to live your life and not how age dictates you do so. I am so impressed that the Usha not only topped our French batch this time, she’s got so much enthusiasm and attitude, that I am sure she’d put many young people to shame!

There’s so much to see, to achieve and discover yet, I don’t think this lifetime is enough so one’s got to make the most of it. Paraphrasing, I say: “What’s age got to do with it?!”

Birthdays, however, are a time to feel nice and loved, and of course, to eat yummy cake so I’m not complaining!


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