If you haven’t watched Maqbool, then you definitely should. Convinced a friend of mine who’d already seen it to watch it again on Saturday night. And I didn’t need much convincing, so that’s more proof!

Reasons to watch it:

Brilliant performances, led by Pankaj Kapur. His mannerisms, voice and speech all honed to a T, for this role as an underworld don. Irfan Khan is pretty good too. He has large brooding eyes and dark foreboding looks. And he uses them well in his role as Kapur’s protege turned betrayer. Tabu – whether it is seducing Khan or breaking down – a great actress and a delight to watch for the nuances she brings into her roles. And of course, brilliant cameos by Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah who complement each other perfectly.

Great direction by Vishal Bhardwaj. He keeps a tight rein on the story and does not allow it to stray. I think that the length of the movie (a little over two hours) and what he’s fit into it was a good job. It would have been really easy to go on to well over 3 hours with the given theme.

Good music too. And the songs don’t intrude. Mostly, in the background. And blend in well, wherever they are used.

There are a few discrepancies like they keep talking about Bombay, but most of the scenes are set in Bhopal. And also the feeling of overriding guilt on the part of Khan and Tabu after they realise what they have done, is lacking in its intensity. But otherwise, a movie that is definitely engrossing and a notch above the rest.

So in two words: Go watch!

(LOTR is screening at Regal on Friday with all three parts running back to back. I am tempted to watch all three. I think it will be an out of the world experience! Anybody game? 🙂

11 thoughts on “At the movies

  1. I too watched Maqbool and was a very good experience. Importantly the handling of the theme was perfect. Good editing and fast paced. Seeing naseer and Op puri in such role was amazing, nicely complimented each other.

  2. Amar: Yes, I liked the Naseer and Om Puri. And they’re both such versatile actors that they do well anywhere!

    Pallavi: Make sure you do! I haven’t watched Last Samurai yet. Hopefully, will manage sometime soon.

    Sushubh: Yes, but even without comparing it to other movies I thought it was a decent effort by Bhardwaj. At least he injects some style and substance into the movie.

  3. Hi,

    I am someone from Dibrugarh/Tezpur/Guwahati (take your pick). Have been here in Mumbai since July, ’03.

    Vrikodhara is not my name. But I like the sound of it. 🙂

    Got the link to your page from 2fargon while refering to a refering to a rediff article by you.

  4. Vrikodhara: I hope you have an easier name 🙂 I would have problems remembering this one. What do you do in Mumbai?

    Rajaram: Yes, he definitely deserves an award for this one.

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