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Cochin capers

And so we come to the end of our short but enjoyable trip in Kerala. We started from Kumily early morning yesterday and after a nice drive through tea, spice and rubber plantations and Kal Ho Na Ho music (again!), we arrived in Cochin at 1 pm.

Spent a pleasant afternoon roaming around the Fort Kochi area. Then we went down to the water and watched the sun going down behind the Chinese fishing nets. There were lots of people trying to get pictures of the setting sun. Quite a beautiful sight. Even spotted a pair of dolphins.

A pleasant coincidence found Steph bumping into two of her colleagues from Switzerland on the beach when she was taking photographs. So suddenly there was a bunch of very excited women talking animatedly in French. And of course, I could understand a thing since I still haven’t started those French classes on my agenda this year.

In the evening, we met them again, along with their tour guide Sandeep at a restaurant called Tandoor on MG Road. Had butter chicken, shikh kababs and momos, which were deliciously well done for a Punjabi restaurant, served with a nice tasting sauce.

Today, we found the post office a short distance from the hotel today and sent off our pending postcards. It’s always a nice feeling sending them. It’s like saying, “look at how much fun we’re having, while you’re hard at work!”

All packed and ready to leave for Mumbai in a short while. The hotel has one computer with a very bad keyboard and I’ve been banging away at it for a while, so I think I’ll just say adieu for now!

And for the romantics, I leave you with these cute love stories to warm the cockles of your heart!


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