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The art of being absent minded

Don’t you just hate it when you travel a long distance, arrive and then realise you forgot the most important thing you had to bring?

It happened to me today. The Kodak Advantix roll that I use for my camera can only be developed at a few photo labs in the city. One of them is in Bandra. Obviously impatient to look at my trip photographs, I made a 45-minute journey there from home today, only to arrive at the shop and realise that I had forgotten to bring the film rolls.



  1. vanita says

    Stumbled upon your post some time back .. You write very well ..Excellent post on the pointers to Kerala trip !!

    Keep up the good work !



  2. Time to succumb to the digital revolution you think? I know I know – I’ve been trying to get my photographer uncle to lose his SLR for quite sometime now. I’ve almost given up!

  3. great blog, anita! i went to peru last year and after i got there i realized that i had forgotten to bring the charger for my digital camera šŸ™ had to fall back on good old film!

    thanks for the link to the travelogue contest on sulekha, i hope i can find some time this week to submit something.

    cheers/ yogi

  4. i’ve been here a couple of times. šŸ™‚ just wanted to say that you have one of the most interesting blogs around. keep it up!

  5. Raj says

    All I can say is, this is a very foolish thing. Almost to the point of being “Retarded”


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