For those of you who visited and found my blog had been eaten up by the big Web hole, my apologies! I didn’t mean to do a surprise disappearing act πŸ™‚

But like dear Arnie, I too am back! After nearly a week, wherein I twiddled my thumbs waiting for things to happen, I am so relieved. It has been rather nerve racking since I realized how dependent I had become on my online fix and suddenly felt this huge gap in my life, as I made frantic calls to my domain booking people trying to get my site back up again. Now, I hope I can get last week behind me. I did learn some important lessons. Like β€˜Don’t procrastinate’ and β€˜Write down important dates’ and ‘Remember to renew’!!

8 thoughts on “The disappearing act!

  1. Thanks Alex, and I have got your email about adding your blog. I got a connection at home on Saturday. Just when I was starting to use the connection, my machine at home has gotten infected by a virus πŸ™ My online woes continue! But soon, I promise!

  2. Don’t worry Anita, even big companies like Microsoft forget once in a while to renew their domains. Just make sure your domain isn’t taken up by somebody when it expires πŸ™‚

  3. Nilesh: One consolation. Hopefully, my domain won’t be as popula or sought after as MS πŸ™‚

    Mehak: Thanks a lot! Am glad to be back!

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