Weekend highlights
River rafting down the Seetha river.

— Camping at the Seethanadi Nature Camp in the Hebri jungle, which is a part of the Kudremukh National Park.

Trekking to the Kudlu Teertha waterfalls.

— Getting bitten by leeches (yuckk!!) and a bloody foot by the end of the 10 km trek!

— Biryani in Udupi and roast chicken in Mangalore.

Couldn’t have asked for more excitement packed into two days!

Monday morning. Back to Bangalore. And to work. Aching bones and all! Nice colleague drives me to work in the new car 🙂

(Pictures and write-up will follow as soon as I recover from aches and pains).

15 thoughts on “River rafting, a beautiful waterfall and lots of yucky leeches!

  1. Kudremukh …aaah the name rings in my ears voice of Asha singing “Katra Katra Behti hai ….!!”

    looking forward to see ur photblog on this one …

    I know u like cars and I have send u one photo album check ur mail ….:)

  2. Anupma: New?!! You obviously haven’t been to this part of the country in a while 😉

    Hirdesh: Hmm… still trying to figure out what that means…

    JD: Yes, am slowly discovering that the Western Ghats holds lots of hidden treasures. Of course, you have to battle the leeches, to find them. But I believe they are usually abundant during the rainy months!

  3. Mahesh: Kudremukh is another trekker’s delight I have been told. Will definitely make a trip there. But the next plan is to go to Bandipur and Nagarhole 🙂 I like anything that is fast and racy! Will check up the photo album.

    Lazy: Yeah! And what do you mean by ‘as usual’!! Anyway, what are you upto these days? Any plans of visiting my newly adopted city? 🙂

  4. What level of White Water Rafting did u go for?

    Level 3? Your weekend was an ideal weekend.

    An experience with nature..I love that! Waiting anxiously for the pictures.!

  5. Raj: Thanks! Though I think I’m one of the bloggers who writes relatively lesser 🙂 But, well, I guess since I am from a writing background, I don’t need too much to get started!!

    EssBee: Suggestion duly noted 🙂

    Gautam: We didn’t actually stop in Udupi, but went straight on to Hebri. We had thought about stopping on a beach on the way back but because the water levels were dangerously high, no one was allowed into the water. We also ran out of time since it was only a two-day trip and there’s only that much one can pack into two days 🙂

  6. Hey…..

    I wanted some information abt this Hebri River Rafting…. can u please give me??,

    Like how to go?, where to stay? and the cost so if u can please mail me….


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