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Ah, finally

I have been trigger happy as far as I can remember. All I needed was a camera and I shot anything that came in my way 🙂

Of course, over the years, I’ve tried to be a little more discriminating and take decent, if not good, pictures. So far, I’ve been using a Nikon Nuvis, which gives me pretty good photographs and the option of taking panorama shots (unfortunately not many labs process this size).

Lately (and in the light of my travelling!), I’ve felt the need of something more powerful.

The initial idea was to buy a digicam. However, I realised that I would not be able to learn much about the finer points of photography using it.

So I decided on an SLR instead. After much debate, discussion, advice, I finally bought myself a Nikon F75, along with the 28-80mm and the 70-300 mm lens.

It’s a cool piece and am thrilled to bits about it. Now, of course, lies the bigger challenge. Figuring out how to use it. The manual has already confused me quite a bit! It will probably take me a month to figure out all the buttons and mechanisms on the camera.

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the Bandipur forests via Mysore, so the camera should be put to good use. On the second and third day, we’re planning to explore around that area… not sure where we’re heading exactly though… But that’s fun too, isn’t it?

See you folks next week, with a few elephant tales (hopefully). Or at least a few good pictures, if I can get a hang of my new camera by then 🙂


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