…of your own house, can be a frustrating experience.

I’ve been meaning to get duplicates made of my house key, but was procrastinating. Finally, what I was dreading happened. I locked myself out of the house. Getting ready to join Deki and Jil for Saturday lunch, I went downstairs to find out something from the watchman.

When I returned, I realised I had left my keys inside.

Then followed a 3-hour drama. First, trying to find a keymaker in the afternoon (you can’t imagine how tough it is!). Managed to locate one after about 2 hours and bring him back home. He did all kinds of permutation and combinations, but couldn’t manage to open the stubborn lock. Finally, the watchman pounded on the knob with a large hammer and pried it loose. By the time, the drama was over it was 4.00 pm. Cursed everyone and everything, especially myself for being such an idiot.

Missed my lunch date, of course, and rushed to Alliance Francaise, for my first class (already half-way through). Of course, I missed the whole alphabet and the pronounciations and it’s kind of hard to figure out what’s going on when you miss the basics.

Now, I plan to make a set of about 3-4 keys and distribute it amongst a few people so next time something like this happens, at least I won’t have to break open the door!

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  1. Its equally or even more frustrating (or funnier??) to have yourself locked inside the house.. It happened to me recently.. I was sharing my house with four other girls.. each of us had a key to the house and I always keeps mine inside my purse so that I dont misplace it often and have to go searching for it.. But I had a roommate who always misplaced all of her belongings..Talking of her carelessness, she left her watch on the teapoy among the newspaper and then searched all house and office for it.. weeks later we found her watch from among the old newspapers stacked on a rack.. In another instance, she made all of us search the entire house for her lost badge and even got a new badge, when all the time she had it in her laptop bag..

    So coming back to the story of me getting locked inside the house..this was one unlucky day when I misplaced the key and she didnt..

    that day morning, one of my roommate left home locking the door while the rest of us were sleeping..After sometime, a guy from the nearby shop came to our house and I opened the door for him with my key.. When I went in to get the money to pay him, I left the key in the keyhole itself and happily forgot about it…Now I was in a hurry to get ready and reach office by 9 as I had a meeting.. As I was getting ready, my roomie left home.. I asked her not to lock the house but she didnt hear it and locked it.. oh no.. with my key that I had left in the key hole.. she thot, as usual, a key on the key hole must be hers as noone else can be as careless as her.. 5 minutes later when I came to open the door, i realized thar I had left it in the keyhole and that it is gone..I knew I was locked inside.. I tried calling up her to ask her if she has the keys inside or if she can come back.. but to add more damage, she didnt realize her phone ringing for a long time.. By the time she realized it and picked it up, she was pretty far from home.. Then she had to come all the way back home and let me out and by then my meeting was over…

  2. U don’t have to worry big about missing the

    whole alphabet session…its more on the pronounciations that matters.

    Happy Learning.

  3. i’m locked in right now!!!!! left my keys at work, now i have to make up the hours ive missed 🙁

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