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Getting locked out…

…of your own house, can be a frustrating experience.

I’ve been meaning to get duplicates made of my house key, but was procrastinating. Finally, what I was dreading happened. I locked myself out of the house. Getting ready to join Deki and Jil for Saturday lunch, I went downstairs to find out something from the watchman.

When I returned, I realised I had left my keys inside.

Then followed a 3-hour drama. First, trying to find a keymaker in the afternoon (you can’t imagine how tough it is!). Managed to locate one after about 2 hours and bring him back home. He did all kinds of permutation and combinations, but couldn’t manage to open the stubborn lock. Finally, the watchman pounded on the knob with a large hammer and pried it loose. By the time, the drama was over it was 4.00 pm. Cursed everyone and everything, especially myself for being such an idiot.

Missed my lunch date, of course, and rushed to Alliance Francaise, for my first class (already half-way through). Of course, I missed the whole alphabet and the pronounciations and it’s kind of hard to figure out what’s going on when you miss the basics.

Now, I plan to make a set of about 3-4 keys and distribute it amongst a few people so next time something like this happens, at least I won’t have to break open the door!


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