My travel wish list is always increasing. There are a hundred places I want to see. Sometime sooner than later!

But one place I would love to visit is Sri Lanka and Nilesh’s post from there has revived my interest. I hope I can visit the emerald isle sometime soon. All I need now is the time and money (both being a problem right now :).

The other place I read about recently in this Sanctuary magazine article is Nethrani. Parvin Dabbas (the actor from Monsoon Wedding) writes about his diving trip there and it sounds really exotic.

And the third thing I would absolutely love to do is river rafting somewhere in the Garwhal Himalayas.

Let’s see how many of these wishes I manage to complete in the next year. Besides the United Kingdom and Spain 🙂

Meanwhile, the nice people at Blogstreet inform me via email that I made it to ‘Blog of the Day’. Nice way to end the week, ay?

Well, it’s Friday. I have an exciting weekend including a day trip to the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary tomorrow. You folks have a great weekend!

22 thoughts on “So many places, so little time (and money!)

  1. Hello

    I am Ben. I was looking for driver for the reliance phone LG 340 E for windows XP and stumbled on your comments about reliance phone and their billing etc. I also wonder why the reliance people are still selling the stone age serial ports, and driver for only 98 not for XP. I thought Reliance is taking us forward but they are taking us backward…

    I hope Reliance get to see the comments like these.

    All the best


  2. Ralph: The only thing I use of Reliance is a phone and that too because it’s not my choice! Else, I prefer to avoid any service from them.

    Umesh: Have no idea what you’re talking about!

    Mehak: Lucky woman! So I can visit you on my trip in that case?!

    Shyam: Yes, hopefully in a week. It has been a little ignored lately due to all my other activities taking precendence but I do plan to do it soon!

  3. The TOI supplement the other day – 10/2 – carried out an article on blogging; referred to someone by name Anita Sarma (and said in braces name changed to protect identity) who blogs and also has a photo album…..

  4. Hi Anita,

    It is really refreshing to read your blogs. Because we are all so busy here that it is hard to plan a trip. you take us round the world with your elegant description of picturesque locations. You take us on a virtual holiday.

    By the way is this Nethrani. Sounds really exotic.May be would try to make it someday.

  5. Pocketful of money, a rucksack on the back, a smile on the face, a warm breakfast in the morning, new people, new places, new faces each day, and oodles of film for the camera – aah, the joys of travel !

    When one turns 30, some folks make lists of things they wanna do and places they wanna see. My list includes Paris (the French would insist that it be pronounced as ‘Paareee’ though !), Antarctica, Egypt … what’s on your list of must-see places ?


  6. Hari: Thanks. But actually, its just around Bangalore right now. Ideally, I would love to take everyone around the world. But that of course, would require much more time, effort and moolah 🙂

    Ganesh: Sounds really exotic!

    GS: I am not sure what it has to do with turning 30! But yes, I do have a long list. For the short term and long term future! I keep adding to it as and when I read or come across these places. Will try and do some of them at least in this lifetime 🙂

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