Dance like a man

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Prior to their departure for the Deaf Olympics in January 2005 in Australia, Astad Deboo and his troupe have been performing in different cities including Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and in Mumbai.

Got a chance to watch him in action along with dancers from the Clarke School of the Deaf. It was amazing to watch the young girls in action. Especially considering they couldn’t hear the music they were listening to.

This one were taken during the Bangalore performance. A few more are here…

9 thoughts on “Dance like a man

  1. I read abt him and this performance n some magazine.

    I liked this pics.. “Dance Like man” and “Welcome to my silent world”.. it’s really wonderful šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Cool Pic ….

    Dance like a man Reminded me of an old picture I had done last year ..incidentally this one is related to dance šŸ™‚ I have mailed you the link …

  3. There was a capsule about this troop in one of the news channels…

    When they are dancing to sync they keep a count…thats what the organiser told the reporter.

    Still it amazes me…

  4. Hi,

    So has Dattani treated Bangaloreans to with theatre production of his play ‘ Dance like a man’? Just curious!

    A very beautiful picture, when motion extends into stillness.

  5. Hi,
    Dance Like a Man has really given a deep insight of the plight of the dancers.

    This pictuere glorifies teh theme.

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