Month: January 2005


Congratulations to all the winners of Indibloggies 2004. A special congrats to the two “old” men of blogging – Kiruba (Lifetime Achiever) and Madman (Best Topical Indiblog and Best Designed Indiblog). And three cheers to Amit (Best New IndiBlog and Best Sports IndiBlog) for such great writing, especially from the tsunami affected areas in TN, Kishore (Best Indi-Photoblog) for his amazing pictures and Lazy Geek (Best Humanities Indiblog) for his insightful writing. And Debashish, the organizer who finally comes out of the closet!

Not the smartest way to overcome a writing block

A few days ago, Amit discovered a case of plagiarism in the blog world. I guess it should not be too surprising, since all it needs is a copy paste and voila, you have a post ready. Of course, most of prefer not to stoop down to those levels. But some others have no second thoughts of any kind. Read more about it at Madman, Shanti and Amit’s place. After being told politely that he was plagiarising, the gentleman under scrutiny claimed innocence saying he had no idea that he should not be “copy pasting” material off other blogs and passing it on his own! And not only copying, the guy is apparently doing a whole lot more.

News, pictures and other stuff!

I love the way Kalyan has gone off to the wild and is having these great jungle adventures! Don’t miss his latest post and pictures about a tiger killing a deer. Early Saturday morning (I wish I could wake up so early on work days!!) we went for a drive towards Hoskote. Passed some lovely scenes on the way. There is a water body before you reach Hoskote, called Yelamalappa tank, where we had spotted pelicans when we had passed that way enroute to Chennai. On Saturday, we decided to go back there for a closer look. Unfortunately, pelicans (and most other birds) are painfully shy and this is the closest I could get! Besides pelicans, there were herons, comorrants (small and large), swallows, kites and some I couldn’t identify – birds of all shapes and sizes. A lovely place worth visiting if you like nature and birds. You can view all the pictures here. I’ve added some more pictures to the Sunsets and Sunrises gallery. And the Mahabalipuram pictures are here. And the kingfisher, …

Little Aqua arrives in town!

When I first met fellow blogger Aqua in Bangalore, one of the first things she told me was that little Aqua was also on the way 🙂 And little Aqua did arrive on January 21st, right on time, says mommy. This means she will be one punctual child! I went to see the bonny baby on Sunday and fell in love right away! She has beautiful and cute eyes (from the mother) and an intellectual look (from the father ;). Congrats, Aqua. Here’s to a whole year of sleepless nights now!

Kit Kit says thankameow!

I laffed and laffed when I read about Usha’s encounter with my pretty little doll while I was away in Chennai last week. Vaish was the chosen one to check in on Kit Kit while I was away. Along with Usha, both of them came around to my place and seemed to have quite an adventure there. Vaish even called Kit Kit a “puppy”. Kit Kit, understandably, has not recovered from the insult ever since! She was telling me about aliens in the house after I got back. Now I know she was referring to both of you! But a special thanks for being such nice aliens, says Kits. And she hopes you will visit her again. Meow!