A few days ago, Amit discovered a case of plagiarism in the blog world. I guess it should not be too surprising, since all it needs is a copy paste and voila, you have a post ready. Of course, most of prefer not to stoop down to those levels.

But some others have no second thoughts of any kind. Read more about it at Madman, Shanti and Amit’s place.

After being told politely that he was plagiarising, the gentleman under scrutiny claimed innocence saying he had no idea that he should not be “copy pasting” material off other blogs and passing it on his own! And not only copying, the guy is apparently doing a whole lot more.

9 thoughts on “Not the smartest way to overcome a writing block

  1. hey Anita,

    plagiarism occurs not only in the blogoshpere but also in the corporate world. it’s really terrible and i think such ppl shd be totally thrown out of the industry. they are a shame to all writers.

    but unfortunately the laws are not strong enuf to punish them … they get away very easily. eventually it’s a matter of ethics which reflects in ur personal life as well, and somewhere down the line they will pay for it.

  2. Sick, is just an understatement. People like these really make me jittery. Why bother writing, if you have no originality. There are thousands of other professions where creativty is not a precondition, why not choose one of those.

    P.s. What’s with the security code?

  3. Good lord gurl, Posting a comment on your blog is like running a hurdle race (no offence meant) First the email address bit is mandatory. I typed my gmail address, it refused to accept that, saying my address is wrong. Then I had to give an old yahoo address which I do not use anymore. After this I had to feed in the ‘Security code’ like 5 times before it accepted it. I am really curious, tell me why such a stringent procedure?? Don’t take offense please, I am not very familiar with the blogging do’s and dont’s as yet. Your blog is really good, I wish the comment box was more user friendly. Cheers!

  4. Shilpa, the image verification is to stop comment spam, which was coming at a furious pace.

    The comment box should accept Gmail addresses, however.

  5. nikita: from the recent debate, which got rather ugly, i think it’s still very much under contention as to what exactly needs to be done when someone has plagiarised content of any kind. i guess it will remain a contentious issue for a while.

    shilpa: i’m not really sure, but i guess some people prefer the short-cuts. about the security code, as madman explains, i have been deluged with comment span for a while (getting upto 15-20 spam comments a day) so it was getting rather painful. sorry for the trouble, but it’s just one extra box that needs to be filled when you are submitting.

  6. Ohh the spam menace strikes here too huh! Quite understandably irritating…thanks for the info Madman and Anita. A friend of mine was complaining about a similar menace,hope this solves your problem at least đŸ™‚

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