I laffed and laffed when I read about Usha’s encounter with my pretty little doll while I was away in Chennai last week.

Vaish was the chosen one to check in on Kit Kit while I was away. Along with Usha, both of them came around to my place and seemed to have quite an adventure there. Vaish even called Kit Kit a “puppy”. Kit Kit, understandably, has not recovered from the insult ever since!

She was telling me about aliens in the house after I got back. Now I know she was referring to both of you! But a special thanks for being such nice aliens, says Kits. And she hopes you will visit her again. Meow!

6 thoughts on “Kit Kit says thankameow!

  1. aaaaaaaaaaah….Kitkit treated us pretty well even after she knew we were dog people – it was just that her aristocratic aloofness was a bit different from all the enthusiatic licking and tail wagging we are so used to. Tell her I am usually not this bad except in the presence of such superiority!!!( heheh.your apartement is so friendly and lovely and I lovvvvvvd your sketches and paintings!!)

  2. hemant: the tribe increases. two of my friends have adopted kittens from CUPA recently. and i hope more people join the club!

    thanks usha. you must come for more the next time. kit kit makes an awesome cup of tea too!

    cute! i saw this on the bulletin board too ๐Ÿ™‚ what’s his her name? here’s a similar one of kit kit, but taken front on. she looks rather angry. but it’s because of the flash, which she hates!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Kamal. If you remember, we had bumped into you last August at Lalbagh during the flower show. I have visited your art gallery ๐Ÿ™‚

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