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Random clicks

Just a few images to leave you with as we reach another weekend.

It was early last Sunday morning when I was driving down towards Mekhri Circle. There are some nice roads in that area, and I noticed this particular stretch with the sun filtering through. I was late for our early morning shoot with fellow shutterbugs Shankar & Sabir, but I had to stop to capture it!

For the early morning shoot we headed to Hebbal Lake. We were quite late and the sun was out already. That’s Shankar in the distance looking for spiders. Having just bought his expensive macro lens he was just raring to go.

Along with a few members of the office photography club, last Friday evening we went on a night shoot. This was at the end when we were packing up and I noticed this corner of the High Court looking really prettily lit up. I immediately unpacked my tripod to take this last shot. There were a lot of cars passing by, but thankfully, I managed to dodge them.

It was Saturday afternoon and I was showing some of my family members our office campus when I noticed this brother and his little sister share a moment beside the pool.


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