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A few new discoveries

Some new discoveries last weekend (when I was supposed to be studying my French, but did everything else but!):

Cosmo Village – A lounge bar. My first visit. Heard quite a bit about the place. It’s a decent joint. Liked the comfortable sofas. Nice music. (However, I have got quite a few conflicting reports about it). Crowded like all other places on weekends. I have a feeling that no one stays home anymore (I can hear you say: look who’s talking!). Wherever you go (any day of the week) you have to battle not only traffic jams but also crowds. Unfortunately, all these cool joints close early. So at about midnight, we had to beat a hasty retreat. It’s located off Brigade Road.

Dublin : the bar at the Windsor Manor. Out of the window, there’s a pretty pool. It had just rained, and the skies were turning dark. One particular tree beside the pool had about a thousand parakeets on it (and I didn’t have my camera). The weather was beautiful. Watched the F1 on the big screen. Kimi Raikonnen won. Felt a little sorry for Shumi though (where was he?!). It was the seventh consecutive race without a Ferrari victory and Schumi must be now wondering how he allowed his greatest fears in the form of Räikkönen and Alonso, to get ahead. Ah, a friends says he’d become arrogant. But I think he’s a champ and will bounce back. Regardless of all the talk of his going old. He should go out in style at least after all his exploits on the track.

Opus : A neat place somewhere near the Palace Grounds area, can’t remember the name of the road. They had karaoke night on Sunday. It was a cool evening and thankfully, it didn’t pour since we had seats outside. Nice music. Some great singers emerged from the woodwork (or wherever they were hiding). One from our group who floored everyone singing Ironic and No Doubt. I am quite sure some of them were professionals, the way they were singing! We missed winning a champagne bottle for the birthday boy by a whisker, methinks! A nice place to chill out, if you’re looking for good music and a chilled out environment.

Any other chilled out places you know in Bangalore?


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