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Birthday, anniversary and a wedding!

[Suman & Chitra]Last week raced past me and I partook in so many festivities that I felt life was one big party that was refusing to end! 🙂

It started on Sat evening with Vasu’s birthday party. And then spilled over to Suman and Chitra celebrating one year together.

On Thursday, I made a one day trip to Madikeri to attend a wedding. In the last year I’ve already attended a Tamil, Konkani, Mangalorean (Shetty) and Telegu wedding. This was my first Coorg wedding and what fun it turned out to be! I love the way the folks celebrate : eat, drink, dance, be merry and repeat the process is their motto! Exactly what a wedding should be, methinks. Took loads of pictures (expect Coorg wedding photo essay soon).

Cute dog at Suman & Chitra'sThe weather was beautiful in this gorgeous hill town and a sheen of mist covered it most of the day. It rained throughout and though this was bad news for wedding goers, I was rather thrilled. The air conditioned weather was too good to be true. Everyone had scared us about the drive, but it turned out to be relatively pleasant (there are bad patches, especially some of the village roads have speed bumpers the height of a mountain range). And the Mysore-Bangalore road is still under construction, with many more speed breakers to add to a commuter’s woes. We still managed to do the journey in about 5 hours, which was pretty good.

On Saturday I realised that I hadn’t actually taken a day off to relax in the long, long time. What with a steady diet of exams, outdoor trips and other engagements.

Had a long catch-up session on Saturday with some of the photography gang – Vasu, Lavannya, Shankar, Sabir and Kaushik. The meeting started in the morning and went on till afternoon. We had a nice lunch at the RMV Club, thanks to Shankar negotiating with the canteen people to feed us hungry people. Sabir played around his latest acquisition, a Canon F1, 1.4 mm lens (what a beauty!) and came up with this really nice capture (loved this one, Sabir!).

After the rather hectic week, I decided to take it easy to do absolutely nothing on Sunday. And what a feeling 🙂 I realised I had missed doing nothing for a long time!

Conversation with dad on phone:
Dad: What are you doing?
Me: Just came back from Coorg!
Dad: What are you planning to do this weekend?
Me: Umm…
(before I could answer)
Dad: Why don’t you stay at home and clean the house? Take it one room at a time…
Me: Umm… (not very thrilled at the proposition)
Dad: Don’t do it all together. Just start small. One cupboard at a time.
Me: Okay, Papa. I will curtail my active life and clean cupboards this weekend.

Okay, I didn’t exactly say the last line, but that was the gist of it.

As it so turned out, I didn’t clean any cupboards (I really need to though, I have a fascination for collecting junk and old bills :0).

[Putting up my feet]Instead, I did the smart thing. Ate, drank (juice!), watched a great deal of TV : Live 8, Wimbledon, F1, and snippets of random movies. Thoroughly enjoyed the Live 8 concert and wondered what it would be like to be actually there witnessing the whole thing. There was anybody and everybody of the music scene out there performing.

Ah, there flies another weekend already, I thought last evening. So many things yet to be done! And 6 months of 2005 gone at the blink of an eye. My, aren’t we moving at breakneck speed this year?


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