Reading this conversation in the papers kept me in splits on my way to work in the morning. I always wondered what kind of high brow conversation these leaders indulge in when converging for fancy summits like the G-8. Well, the mystery solved.

Leaving the mic on (the man is smarter than you think, you have to admit!) Bush refered to Condoleeza Rice as ‘Condi’, swore about Hezbollah until Blair realised and switched their mics off!!

Too funny, watch it!

5 thoughts on “Bush and Tony show

  1. Well..not really sure whether this was really a genuinely stupid mistake or a complete sham! Nonetheless these guys always make sure to entertain everybody once in a while 🙂
    Btw nice blog.

    Gina Kale

  2. Condi is called Condi by everyone and I have heard a lot of officials and media refer to her that way.

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