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Necessary Evil?

So in my whole friend circle, I know just one person who doesn’t possess a cell phone. One.

Over a period of time, we’ve grown so used to this handy device that life without it is quite difficult to imagine. I for one, would feel lost without one. I, especially find it useful when travelling – it’s so much more convenient than running around than find a phone booth that works!

I know that it was hardly a few years ago when cell phones were but novelties and we used to depend on landlines for communication. But within the space of a few years, this aspect of life has changed drastically. Today, it’s unimaginable not to have one.

In a way, not having a cell phone does have its advantages though. For example, when people said they’d meet you somewhere at an specified time, there was no option but to be there at that time. Whereas, today there’s the scope of calling, changing the time and cancelling even at the last minute!

And the other downside of the phone is that it can be quite an intrusion (especially from people wanting to offer you their free credit cards!), not to mention wrong numbers and crank calls. Also, people expect return calls immediately. I’ve often come across friends asking why I didn’t pick up their call. Or call back. Even if it wasn’t something important : that is not the point! The excuse we usually have these days is what if it’s something important and we feel obliged to pick up a call. But in the end, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

So what do you feel? Is not having a cellphone a sign of not wanting to move with the times? Or just a personal preference that shouldn’t be a big deal?!


  1. I had just one friend left as well who resisted and resisted and resisted getting on with technology. Both she and her hubby somehow avoided it like the plague. Finally they have managed to get one – for the two of them. She stays in blr as well :).

    The best is that after I talked to her once on her mobile from my mobile she asked me to mail my number to her!! I had to remind her that she’s already got my number through the call :p :). Still in those phases of “used to a landline”.

  2. There have been times when I had to do without a phone, maybe the cell died on me or some such trivial problem and then I didnt turn it back on for a couple of days…

    I am not for/against using a cell. I never saw the need for one until my girl coaxed me into buying one. For one it saves a lot of time, you can be multitasking, like standing in a queue and talk on the phone to find out contacts that might help you skip the line. At other times its always in a silent mode. If I see the phone blinking I pick it up, otherwise the caller will call again. For me its more like I could do without it, but at times its better if its around.

    Not a big deal at all I would say.

  3. If we have the money to afford one then why not have one…take the case of my Bai…she flaunts one…& its soo easy to track her :p….If we have a sudden plan for the weekend..I call her up & ask her to come early the next day…:)

  4. I have always been technology freak. I love such devices which make communication easy and simple at all times. However I feel if technology over-powers you then you are doomed. So man should keep control on his devices. If you think the phone is intrusive learn to ignore it or better still learn how to switch it off without thinking or feeling guilty about it.

  5. Veejay says

    Dont let technology take over your style, your nature. Its a tool, nothing more, and something less.

  6. I put off getting a mobile for years. Just hated the things! Now I’m stuck with one. It does make certain things easier. Getting directions to someplace when you’re hopelessly lost, etc.
    One thing I did to make this little device a bit more bearable was to make sure my employer NEVER gets the number.:))


  7. :)… I have been without one for 3 months at a stretch some time back.

    Initially yes, its a little tough. But once you cross that initial stage, its well worth it. No unnecessary calls. Actual quality time. No grave need to seek company on a weekend.

    Kapil : Cellphones are like smoking, maybe worse as far as addiction is concerned. The supreme confidence that one isnt addicted and one can leave it anytime one wishes is the weak link. The proof however is in the pudding.

    Can we go without a cellphone for a month ? Its well worth the experience. Just for kicks.

    @anita – please dont get senti and throw your mobile or something like that :D. (just kidding)


  8. Creating Needs. Mobiles comes under that.

    BTW nice new template. Warm & shining with GRACE. 🙂

  9. Paavani, are you referring to creating needs for things that we really have no need for? 🙂 That would be the perfect spiritual take on this phenomenon.
    I think that “gadget envy” has become the bane of our existance. Feeling less than everyone else, because they have an i-pod or a mobile has serious ramifications.
    We as a species are always attracted to the idea of “novelty”. Very few of us put serious thought about what we are buying into, every time something new comes along. Is it status seeking or peer pressure that forces us to empty out our wallets?
    Are we emptying out our souls as well, when we get into that sort of “sheep mentality”?


  10. perry says

    For those intrusive credit-card offers on the cellphone, I just ask them for their home phone number and say that I’ll call them later. You’ll never from them again!

  11. I think cell phones are a luxury until you get one. once you start using one, we get so used to it that “we think” it is very difficult to live with out it. Our thinking influences us.

    Most of the people in my parent generation still live with out a cell phone.
    In US, a community called Amish still lives with out “phone”, forget about cell-phone. They do not accept any new technology just like that. Their church decides whether or not to accept a tech change. The deciding factor is like how much the community will become dependent on the new tech and how easy it is to revert back. They think they can live with out technology…and they DO! Amazingly!

    After using the cell for around a period of 1 year, I lived without a cell phone for around 1 year ( i had a land line connection though). It was a bliss. I agree, you cannot make last minute changes. But eventually your planning will improve.
    But cell phone definitely helps. No doubt!

  12. Hi,Anita..yes,a cellphone does have it’s advantages and disadvantages.Mine usually remains on silent mode.Reason?I’m in the Purchase Dept,and,there’s people calling just to say ‘Hello,how’re u?’,and it gets bugging after a while.But,then,as Mehak says,on the plus side,there’s tracking down ur Bai,for eg.:)

  13. Hi,
    Came across your blog about cellphone. I think its individual preference whether to carry cellphone or not. I remember that I didn’t have a cell phone until long after many of my colleagues did. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I had wished I didn’t buy a cellphone at all.


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