While travelling in Kalimpong last year, sitting in a local café having an evening snack I came across a rather nice looking glossy travel magazine. I was rather surprised when I saw that it was published out of Sikkim. Both the content and the photographs were of better quality than a lot of other travel mags I’ve seen floating around. I promptly wrote down the email ID, making a note to contact them once I got back to Bangalore.


Thankfully, I didn’t lose that sheet of paper and dutifully mailed them on my return. I was thrilled when the editor (Mita Zulca) replied and she would be most happy to get a few contributions from my end. I think there is so much potential for writing on the North East of India : one of the most beautiful parts of the country , in my opinion. I might be biased here but you have to see some of the pictures of the region to believe it.

Anyways, I started contributing to the magazine since I had done a trip to the North East last year. For the current issue, Mita just picked up a few of my blog entries (North East Chronicles). It was as easy as that – no toiling and burning the midnight oil writing the stories since I had already made about 3-4 blog posts on my north east trip!

I was delighted to get a copy today : the issue is titled “India’s North East : Paradise Unexplored” with 3 of my blog pieces. And they look so nice in print!


My original post on Umiam Lake

Some of the pictures (including some by familiar names like Arif Siddiqui, Yathin) are simply mind-blowing and tempts me to put on my travelling shoes and get on the road again! There is so much I realize that I need to explore, to see and to write about. One lifetime is definitely not enough.


My original post on Cherrapunjee


My original post on Kaziranga

If you’re interested in the North East, this is one magazine you need to lay your hands on. It’s really well designed and the pictures are awesome (did I say that before!). To get on the subscription list, do email mita.zulca at gmail dot com. It’s just a small team that brings out the magazine and I do think that it’s a commendable product considering this size. It’s published 4 times a year and definitely worth the subscription!

Some amazing pictures of Zero, Arunachal Pradesh and a village in Manipur by Arif Siddiqui

A picture of a lake in Sikkim by Karchoong Diyali

* To subscribe, shoot off a mail to mita.zulca at gmail dot com!

19 thoughts on “More tales from the North East

  1. anita, kudos for having your articles published and sharing your experiences and pics with the greater world, (to those who are not used to reading on the web)..a pat for mita zulca too. travel bugs + shutter bugs would be more excited, to read this piece..

    yes agree with you, that north eastern part of our country is a part which can tickle any travel bug’s curiosity. each state, in the NE is like visiting a new country in europe, just cross one border and then its a new world, new colors, new smells, new panaromas, new cuisines…isn’t it?

  2. Lovely photos. Our holiday in the North East is never going to be forgotten. It is so beautiful. And yes, it does need attention and to get more tourists.

  3. Yeah, your blog posts looks so nice in print. Didn’t know this mag existed. agree heartility that the beauty of the north east has not be explored fully or maybe, given its rightful due and publicity.

    maybe y can get the mag with y tomorrow? i promise to ask for autograph and take photo with you which i’ll send to rediff ‘star sighting’ section 🙂

  4. hey Anita! Seeing a post after a very long time and boy was it refreshing!
    Congratulations on the print and those pictures look so fabulous! As you said, one lifetime is definitely not enough!
    I subscribe to what Usha said too 🙂

  5. Thats one place ive always wanted to visit.India in the North East!
    Will mail you seeking suggestions on places to visit!

    I have only travelled india in the south entirely unlike you having seen the country a many times over 🙂


  6. @ Tanay: hey, thanks for the nice words! definitely a pat on the back for mita. she was telling me that she brings out the magazine out of her home literally. so it’s a great effort.

    absolutely! indeed a part of the country that needs so much more exploring!

    @ Which Main? What Cross?: yes, true. magazines like these are definitely needed and well worth supporting!

    @ Banno: Glad you had a good time there!

    @ Aqua: Thank you dear! You must subscribe! And you’re the perfect armchair traveller so this will be great for you 😉

    @ duende: what got the axe?

    @ Usha: thanks! hope you’re doing well 🙂 always happy to help. not that you need my association 😉

    @ snippetsnscribbles: i know, it’s been a while. that’s another long story! and thanks!

    @ Sukanya: thank you!

    @ Manasa: thanks! i have linked to the blog posts too! was just being lazy earlier!

    @ Arvind: i have many more places to go! have hardly seen any of it, i feel! not an expert at all on the north east having been out for years now but will do my best. and you should get hold of the magazine – it will really help!

  7. have been a regular reader of your blog.It is very inspirational to say the least.!!
    I am from Assam and couple of years back I went on a 10 day long trek through Arunachal Pradesh, where I stayed with 3 different tribes. It was an awesome experience.Where can I get hold of that magazine in Mumbai?

  8. @ kishore, roman: thanks much!

    @ charu: me too! i especially want to go back to arunachal!

    @ aijoni: thank you! a very assamese name too 🙂 a 10 day trek through arunachal! wow. did you go through some organization? do send me the details please!

    you can contact mita.zulca at gmail dot com. i am sure she can send you a copy!

  9. @ priyank: hey! went through your weblog – very interesting and all the very best in your travels! give us a holler if you need any help when you’re planning your journey to the NE!

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