Month: November 2008


I was out last evening and it was pretty late when I was catching up on my tweets when I saw a post about blasts in Mumbai. After that, there was no sleep for a couple of hours as I was following the reports coming in from different folks. It’s been numbing to say the least. Every time something like this happens I am seized by different reactions – sadness, anger, frustration, and helplessness to various degrees. And I am sure that must be the case with a majority of people. To be so vulnerable to attacks in the spate of a year is extremely scary a situation. Imagine how powerless our Intelligence must be to not have a CLUE about the blasts / attacks coming to any of the cities this year. I hope all of you readers/bloggers from Mumbai are safe and sound. I’ve already called the few people I know there and everyone is shell shocked and depressed. I am lost for words. Really. Meanwhile, the folks in Mumbai have revived the …

The ultra experience

Last year’s Ultra was my first long distance running event. Besides the fact that I had no idea about the route (especially the uphill sections), I had also not run more than 10-12 kms in training. So it was quite an experience for me. But what was really motivating was the fact there were so many runners out there doing it for the first time and giving it all they had. Very inspiring. From Bangalore Ultra 2008 This time around I was a little better prepared. I made sure I put in a couple of long runs (of course, the training never seems enough on D-Day). The day of the ultra dawned on us : it was cool and there was a cloud cover : in fact it was drizzling lightly as we packed up in Pankaj’s red bus (comprising of Prateek, Toufeeq, Meher, Satsang, Ashok, Pankaj and me) and left for Hesaraghatta at 5 am.

Scenes by the sea

I spent 3 days in Fort Cochin during the month of October. It was a most relaxed trip where I walked by the sea, observed the fishermen, had some gorgeous food and discovered that even on a small little island you can keep yourself busy… For me, it is probably one of the best times of the day – the time the sun sets. A time to contemplate and wonder about the next day. A time to admire nature’s palette splattered across the skies. To sit and wonder about how things happen the way they do… When the sun sets spreads its orange yellow glow as it takes its last bow signaling the end of another day.