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Love, light and happiness!

It’s the festival of lights – one I associate some great childhood memories.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  ~ Chinese Proverb

Growing up, we had fun with our share of crackers and other noise creating diversions. The crackers fortunately no longer seem attractive and we stopped indulging in them quite long ago – besides being polluting (both air and noise) somehow it doesn’t seem like a celebration when you’re doing so much harm to the environment. Besides the fact, there’s always a lot of injuries, burns, and other such associated risks that come with crackers.

Love and light

Lights and candles, however, I have a soft corner for and I have several already all around the house :0)

I love the earthen diyas – they seem to have gotten really creative these days – I picked a few from a roadside vendor a couple of days ago and he had a few piles of different designs to choose from!

A very happy Diwali to all of you! Let me take this chance to spread some happiness, good cheer and light!


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