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Heading to Delhi on business? Six tips to choose your hotel wisely

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling and staying in quite a few well-appointed business hotels through the country during my working life with some great companies. One of my favorite destinations to travel on work has been Delhi. Since I’ve never lived there, it gives me an opportunity to see the city, more as a tourist. And there are so many wonderful sights around that you can pack in, between your work trip.

There are many business hotels that have sprung up in New Delhi over the last few years; after all, it is the capital city. Travelers from all over the world, global organizations and companies have a base in Delhi and need to travel to the city at some point of time. Or have clients, vendors, work partners they want to catch up with. So how does one narrow down on a hotel?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re making a selection:

The location is everything!

According to Startup Overseas, one of the main considerations you’ve got to look out for when you look for a business hotel is the distance: how far is it from the airport. Is your client staying there too? If they are, then that’s another factor to consider. Zero travel time in Delhi’s infamous traffic jams means you won’t be late showing up for a meeting. It will probably be a few flights of an elevator and you’re there at the meeting venue already.

Early bird always wins.

If you already know about the meeting weeks in advance, then put that information to good use by booking the hotel early. That way, you can take advantage of low rates and offers, according to Travel India Smart. However, some business meetings tend to happen spur of the moment, with zero prior warning, putting you under a tight deadline. When that happens, go to the next tip on this list.

Look for the best packages.

Independent Traveller says that hotels all the world over often offer discount packages and deals to customers. If you can’t have any control over the schedule, then you might as well look into the hotel’s promo deals to see if you can qualify for at least one. Some offer free airport shuttle service for a longer stay duration. Some offer room rates that come with breakfast. That’s convenient. Having a hearty meal instead the hotel gives you more time to get ready for your meeting.

Pick off-season dates.

Some business meetings tend to happen at least once a year. For instance, if you’ve got your management team spread all over Asia, you’d at least want everyone to meet face-to-face every six months or a year. For those meetings, it might be wise to choose off-season dates. That way, you can book the hotel in advance and take advantage of off-season rates at the same time. That will especially mean greater savings for your company since you won’t have to worry about peak-season rates. Delhi has rather hot summers and cold winters so watch out for special rates! The possible downside is that it might be a bit tougher in harsher weather. However, if travel is safe, it’s a great way to slash down on your travel expenses.

Check their travel desk:

Mixing business with pleasure is not unusual, and you might want to go out on a local tour when you have a bit of time. If you’re in Delhi, you definitely do! Spend a day exploring the city’s world-famous sights before you hop on a plane and get back home. It would be a shame if you had to go all the way to the capital and didn’t get enough time to catch some of the wonderful sights in the city, right? Most travel desks at business hotels will have a gamut of activities and recommendations on what to do and even organize it for you. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. You might be surprised at the level of hospitality you’ll find.

What are the online reviews like?

A lot of people actually skip this one because it admittedly takes time. And if you’re already short on time as it is, you’ll think spending every minute of it elsewhere is better. It’s not. A lot of the sites give honest reviews, with real people talking about their experiences. Is there a particular kind of review you’re seeing repeatedly about the bad service? That could be an indication that things are not right. So you’ll want to make sure the hotel you choose offers only the highest level of quality—from the rooms and the staff to the food, the customer service and everything else.

For a business hotel in Delhi, my pick would be The Imperial Hotel – it offers a great choice for business travelers. Combining old world charm and elegance with modern facilities, you’ll love the combination and comfort, access and service the hotel offers.

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