These days I am getting a lot of pleasure seeing my ex-colleagues work hard. This, for example is an excerpt of a conversation with one of them.

sk : what are you doing nowadays
ab : enjoying life mostly
ab : went to bangalore, pune
ab : living it up
sk : hmmm
sk : me working
ab : haha
ab : big HAHA!
ab : don’t worry. tumhara din bhi ayega!

Now, I always wanted to say that. And finally I got a chance!

4 thoughts on “Little pleasures

  1. Anita: It means ‘your day will come too’!! Since I’ve taken some time off work and am like a free bird these days, I like to taunt others who are hard at work 🙂

  2. Got out of the rat race about a year ago to lead a nicer life. so my conversations are usually like this:

    person: who are u with now a days

    me: a dog, a few friends, books, and fun. who are u with ? 🙂

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