My last day in Bangalore. Tomorrow morning, I leave for Hyderabad to catch up with good friend, Rukshana. I’m hoping to see a few sights around the city.

A few snapshots from my trip to Guwahati and Calcutta.

The Brahmaputra river in the evening. The sun is just setting.

I got my brother-in-law to stop the car and made my way to the water’s edge to take this picture. A boat is getting ready for an evening cruise.

A view of the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta.

More pictures from my trip are here. Two weddings I attended and a few pictures of Calcutta and Guwahati. There’s more, which I hope to upload over the next few days.

8 thoughts on “A tale of two cities

  1. hi! i was checking your photos and the Biju from the marriage seems to be very similar to my old and good friend Anirban… is he the


    Please let me know if he is….else please ignore..

  2. Rohini: Thanks!

    Ranjan: Yes, his name is Anirban Kakati. You know him?!

    Jil: It was great. Very hectic. Did lots of sightseeing and bought pearls! Will post more about it soon!

  3. Yes!! he and i were room mates in 1st year engg… then we were in touch till july this year (though i haven’t seen him since 1995!!)… can you mail me his contact nos.?

    small world!!!

  4. I gotta say, you put in mad(much) work in on your blog and one can always tell!! I’m always anxious to see what news things I will find here. Also, you’re lookin fly in the wedding pictures! 😛



  5. Ranjan: It is indeed! You can email him at anirbankakati at

    Arun: Haha! I’m nearly there. I should be able to gift myself one next month 🙂

    Devin: Thanks a ton!

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