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Shameless plug

[The Indibloggies 2003]I started it in June 2002, when I couldn’t find too many Indian bloggers online.

It has grown and grown over the space of one and a half years. And led others to create more sophisticated lists and search engines based on it.

I’ve spent countless hours updating, finding new blogs, replying to bloggers, apologising for delays. And though it’s taken quite a lot of time, it’s also been quite a satisfying experience. I’m hoping to do something more (jazzy/flashy/hi-tech?!) with the list once I get back to Mumbai this time (plans, plans!). So look out for the new look 😉

But, meanwhile, the list has been nominated for the Best IndiBlogs directory and if you vote for it, I might just be inspired to work a little harder on it. And give you a small bribe (uh, you didn’t catch that on tape, did you?). So go there, what are you waiting for?!


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