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Alleppey to Thekkady

We’re off to Thekkady after lunch. Had a good stay in Alleppey. The cottage afforded a nice view of the lake. Did quite a few things. Some walking around and a bit of sightseeing. Allapuzha beach is a pretty stretch of white sand and waves. We roamed around for a bit. Except for some idiotic young guys passing idiotic comments, it was pleasant. Walked through a village (with unpronounceable name) about 15 kms from here yesterday morning and then through the main town (there was a strike, so it was less populated).

There’s a little outhouse with a thatched roof just outside the cottage, perched on the water on wooden stilts. It’s nice to sit there and just look out into the water. Have loads of stuff to write but I’ll keep it for later.

Steph spent some time furiously typing last night before dinner but I’m being lazy, enjoying the atmosphere and soaking in the peace and quiet. Chatting with the other people staying here. Being woken by the birds early morning. Eating big breakfasts and lunches. Sketching. Taking photographs and generally enjoying the sights and sounds of Kerala.


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