Landed in Kerala after a 28 hour journey, which was quite pleasant, but we were rather glad when we reached Alleppey station. There was a delay of about 1/2 hour, so that wasn’t too bad. Settled into our rather cute room on the Vembanad lake front resort that where we are spending two days. We have to steal connection time, when the admin guys here are not printing receipts! So, posts won’t be too long or frequent right now. The backwaters looks green, peaceful and nice so far. Sometimes, the only sounds you can hear are the birds (there seems to be quite a few crows) and the passing motorboats…

One thought on “Post from the lakeside

  1. Seluruh kota merupakan tempat bermain yang asyik Oh senangnya, aku senang sekali Kalau begini akupun jadi sibuk Berusaha mengejar-ngejar dia Matahari menyinari semua perasaan cinta Tapi mengapa hanya aku yang dimarahi Di musim panas merupakan hari bermain gembira Sang gajah terkena flu Pilek tiada henti-hentinya Sang beruang tidur Dan tak ada yang berani ganggu dia Oh sibuknya, aku sibuk sekali!


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