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Now for some art…

I love working in acrylics, since it’s a pretty flexible medium. And plus there’s lots of room for error. You can cover up your boo-boos quickly and rework portions you’re unhappy with.

But transparent watercolours, which I’ve been trying to get a hang of lately, is a totally different ballgame.

One error and your whole effort goes down the drain. This particular characteristic hasn’t warmed me to this medium! I’ve been really frustrated the last few months. Besides the fact that I’ve hardly practised. But, never the less, I can’t be blamed for not trying!

This one was done from an actual arrangement (which was also my handiwork 🙂 The yellow gladioli didn’t turn out very well, but I was relatively happy with the red flower and pink flower and the vase. (Flowers, by the way, look deceptively simple, but are tough to paint in watercolours.)

This one was basically an experiment in light and shadow. If you look closely, the shadow of the foliage falls both on the wall and the door creating an interesting effect. Of course, not the best of efforts, but a difficult and interesting subject that needs lotsa practice!

And this one is in acrylics. I particularly like the colour scheme which makes the scene come alive. I’m planning to frame it with a red patti around it, so it looks even more vibrant. Any offers to buy it are welcome. It will really liven up a corridor or a shady nook in your house 🙂


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