Found a really cool lending library with a pretty good collection where you can book online and get delivery at your doorstep (for a small price, but very worth it).

I’ve been trying to find a library since I got here so I am thrilled to bits! It’s a nice concept and this is the first time I’ve actually come across a library making use of the Net so extensively.

If you’re in Bangalore, and like reading, it’s worth trying.

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  1. Hey Anita,

    You might want to try Eloor Lending Library (a street or two behind Safina Plaza, if I remember correctly)…not too sure if they’re webwise, but they do do have a pretty awesome range. 🙂

  2. Navneet: Actually, I did go to Eloor with Pallavi, but it is pretty far away for me right now. I live in South Bangalore and don’t have a vehicle yet, so it is not very convenient. I’ve also joined a smaller library right next to my home, so I have enough to keep me happy for now!

  3. Hi Anita,

    I have been a easylib member for almost a year or more now.. infact, I came to know about it from another blogger – Arun.

    I always enjoyed their collection and more interesting part is that one can recommend books there and they would usually consider them.

    Happy reading.. and welcome to Bangalore.

  4. Hi Anita. Since Eloor has already been mentioned, have you been to the British Library on St. Marks Road? Last heard, they are shifting to a more spacious premises close by! Glad to see you getting familiar with Bangalore (Re: Auto / Driving Licence, Roads etc) and its idiosyncrasies!!! 🙂

  5. Thank you!. I was searching for libraries in Bnaglore as I moved in recently and was starved of reading material. Saw your site yesterday and have already got my first book from easyLib :-).

  6. Hi

    I wanted to ask the directions for this eloor library again .
    Is that the same behind safina plaza?
    I am confused , need enlightenment .
    Thank you

  7. Hi Guys,

    Can any 1 of you please tell if there is any book lending library in and around Ulsoor,Indira Nagar.????????

    Thanks in Advance

  8. Hi Anita,
    Just wanted to let you know someone found this page useful a year after your original post. I came across the link couple of hours back and have already reserved a book online! But me thinks the range is not exactly huge.
    Thanks man.

  9. Hi,

    Another bookaholic who found this site from google. I know its been quite some time since the original post, but could someone give me road directions to reach the british council library. The address from thir website 🙂 (where else) is as follows :

    British Library
    Prestige Takt 23 Kasturba Road Cross Opp: Vishweshwarayya Tech. and Indu. Museum
    Bangalore – 560 001

    Can someone please give me directions to go there from MG road? It would be a great help. Thanks.

  10. Hi everyone!!!!

    This is Raja Sekhar here, graduated from bits, pilani in 2005. Looks like all you ppl are avid readers. by the way i wanted a frank opinion on easy lib, both pros and cons, is there any market for online circulating library. in what all ways can the easylib service be improved. Hope you guys respond and give proper answers to my query

  11. Thanks for the info on easylib.
    British Lib is reachable via MG Rd ->Anil Kumble Circle->Turn left into Kasturba Rd -> turn into road next left (Opposite museum)->Find Prestige Takt on your left just a few yards away ->Left again ->left entrance->left door 🙂

    NOW please help me with names and addresses of a few circulating libraries in HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore.


  12. I’d be eternally grateful if any one of you could tell me if there’s a lending library (or its branch) around Tata Sherwood. There’s a tragi-comic situation here – there’s a reading room but no books! Guess we could accomodate a branch franchise…

  13. Sorry, forgot to type in the address and website.

    Book Boutique
    Shop No 8, 1st Floor, Vishal Complex,E Block, AECS Layout, Opp. Lakme Beauty Salon,ITPL Road, Brookefields, Bangalore
    Ph 97418 95926

  14. Hi Guys,

    Can any 1 of you please tell if there is any book lending library in and around Ulsoor,Indira Nagar, CMH Road , tippasandra ????????


  15. Hi People,

    Can anyone tell me, is there any library present nearby Ulsoor or Indira Nagar?
    Furnish details with address if you have????

  16. 4 months back, I became a member of this library in Jayanagar called Mylib and it has been quite a nice experience for me. Brought back the childhood memories on libraries. I go there on weekends with my daughter and spend time just lounging at the library and reading mgzines or books. During weekdays, I use their online library ( to select and get books delivered to my place. Oh !!! the magic of reliving the memories with the convenience of technology..

  17. Can anyone tell me if there are lending libraries in and around RT Nagar, Bangalore..been searching for quite sometime ..

  18. Checkout this Online Lending Library located in Kaggadasapura, C.V Raman Nagar.

    They have wonderful collections in many south indian languages (Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu)

    I joined today and picked up my favourite kannada books.

    The contact details are on their contact us page. For impatient book lovers here it is 89 5151 7171

    Happy Reading

  19. Hi Anita,
    Just checked with easylib , their delivery radius is pretty narrow. I live in Jayanagar and am not lucky enough to be within that radius .. If you can suggest any other sites that provide similar service it would be great …

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