(and why they should no longer be called Web World)

Can you imagine going to a MacDonald’s and being told they had run out of burgers? Reliance, however, has run out of data cables! And not one outlet, but everyone of them in the whole of Bangalore. Armed with all my documents I went over to the gallery on the weekend, having decided to go ahead with Reliance. My choices fast running out. Anyway, the guy very disinterestedly tells me they had run out of data cables. They were expected in a few days. No attempt to take my number so they could inform me (I guess th at would be way too much to expect).

You mean, all the Reliances have run out of data cables, I asked a little sarcastically? It missed him completely. Yes, he replied and turned away to do something else. I called yesterday to get an update and was told by them that it is now ‘indefinitely’ out of stock! I think this is a higher force telling me, ‘Don’t take Reliance!’

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  1. “Reliance” …d word sucks….i dont know how they generate bills…every single month..my bill crosses 1500/- even if i dont make calls…..so its gud that u r not getting their data cable …

  2. Hi Anita,

    long time. i used Reliance for a year and it sucks. and the bills are awful. so here is a “lower force” telling u not to take Reliance.

    BTW, im coming to Bangalore on the 19th probably. 🙂

  3. Niki: Hey, well do give me a call!

    Arun: Well, well! Thanks a lot for that 🙂 Now, I know why things are just not working out for me – at least on the broadband front!

  4. I’ve experienced McD running out of my spicy flavor many times over: ‘Oh I’m sorry sir, we don’t have anymore left’ type =)

  5. What satting I suppose to do for sending mail from outlook , as i m using Reliance Connection.

    With best regards

    Raj S Rawat

  6. friends,

    I surf the net from reliance web world. the purpose was to download data and then burn it on my cds. it so happened that the RWW at T.Nagar(Chennai) is charging an extra sum of Rs.2/MB of data downloaded to burn on cd plus the service charge of rs.40 per cd. I suspected something fishy was going on and complained to some Murali Govindan. But it was of no use because i didn’t get any reply regarding the issue and why they are charging the extra money which is not mentioned in the tariff card. I have been to Mumbai where no such extra charges are levied. I want respnse from all thhe friends out there regarding this issue. Please tell me if such things happen in ur area too.

  7. sir

    i am having two pc in my house when ever i connent the internet in both the pc through network card one computer will work and other will not work or accessing will stop and will be disconected by remote computer i am facing the problem since one month can u help me please regarding this sir if u help me i will be greate ful to you sir

  8. I have Data cables for all models of Reliance Mobile and FWP, if you want it then please email me.

  9. I am in the market for a data card…and listening t all you guys commments i wonder if i should buy, reliamce or airtel or what …or none at all..

    please do enlighten, since inbangalore they say all the sierra cards are outof stock and everydaythey say… new stock willcome in 3 days …and now it is 6 weeks!!.so …i hear you on their service being pathetic …and have heard about high bills…please give feedback..as many of you as possible

  10. I had booked a reliance land line phone from reliance web world,chandarvarkar road, borivali on 2.10.05. I paid Rs.2800 for connection and STD. Till date i have not received the connection nor has the person come for address verification. Two times a person called me and asked for my address and landmark which I duly gave. Still no sign of the person coming for address verification. I was promised the phone in 4 working days. Now it is 10 days. What do I do. Whom do I contact. The staff of chandarvarkar said that they have forwarded my papers to vashi office. That is all they did. No further assistance to help me to get the phone. If this is the initial starting trouble what will be the case afterwards. The number of the web world is given in the paper but the phone is always switched off. This means that if we have any grievance we have to go direct to their web world. There is no system of giving assistance on phone. I want to bring this to the notice of the higher officials also. Kindly help.

  11. Dear customers i work under Reliance i phone as agent do book your landlines and cell phones with postpaid connection.

  12. Reliance sucks not for mobile phone service, but also USA_India callings cards. Now there is a cheap service available in 9278.com, use tele2 card from 9278.com. It is much much cheaper than reliance and it is better also.

  13. Hey people
    I think what everybody fails to realize is that despite sucker stories like ours Reliance is here to stay.The simple reason being they offer cheap rates and low start up prices.Compare it say to our railways,thay dont promise you great service or absolute cleanliness .Peaple travel by train cos its worth the money ..they think to themselves hey for this price I can bear ticketless travellers,the stench etc.Hence the inherent problem is Reliance is marketed as a cheap phone the hell with the service ..for the price you pay thats all you get.

    P.S needless to say my experience at Brigade road web world was terrible

  14. Hi,

    Today i went to Reliance webworld to buy a mobile. It sucks the people how they are responding to the customers it is very bad. Just I entered into the webworld one customer was fighting with the management, he gave 200/- for easy reacharge on yesterday since they were not done that. And I went to webworld there for a mobile, i want to change my old number to new mobile, they told to me we don’t have dummy set. But there is way to tell the customer, how rashly they are working there. Please do some acton them.

    The address is:

    Reliance webworld,

    Devasandra entrance,



  15. Reliance sucks not for mobile phone service, but also USA_India callings cards. Now there is a cheap service available in 9278.com, use tele2 card from 9278.com. It is much much cheaper than reliance and it is better also.

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