When Reliance Web World ran out of data cables

(and why they should no longer be called Web World)

Can you imagine going to a MacDonald’s and being told they had run out of burgers? Reliance, however, has run out of data cables! And not one outlet, but everyone of them in the whole of Bangalore. Armed with all my documents I went over to the gallery on the weekend, having decided to go ahead with Reliance. My choices fast running out. Anyway, the guy very disinterestedly tells me they had run out of data cables. They were expected in a few days. No attempt to take my number so they could inform me (I guess th at would be way too much to expect).

You mean, all the Reliances have run out of data cables, I asked a little sarcastically? It missed him completely. Yes, he replied and turned away to do something else. I called yesterday to get an update and was told by them that it is now ‘indefinitely’ out of stock! I think this is a higher force telling me, ‘Don’t take Reliance!’


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