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Tale of three young men and women (not as disappointing as they’re telling you!)

After Crosswords last weekend, visited Oxford Book Shop at the Leela Palace this Sunday. Resisted from buying anymore books till I get some moolah this month though.

Picked up a magazine instead. Met up with a photographer who will be conducting a three month basic course starting from June. Since I’m such an amateur, I think it’s high time I brush up on my basics. Had some lovely rosemary tea at the Cha Bar at the store and realized that it was so much more refreshing than coffee. They serve the tea in these really cutely shaped pots, pans and saucers. Nice.

Met Aqua and Jil (again!), Rocky and a friend of theirs at Rex to watch Yuva. After the reviews (disappointing, not as good as Mani Ratnam’s usual films etc.) I was wondering if I would be disappointed as well.

But I loved the movie! Maybe it isn’t his best (but every movie the makes can’t be the best, can it?). I think he’s a master storyteller and director. Whether it’s the way he weaves the stories. Or the performances he’s got out of the cast. Or just the little moments that the characters share and make the movie so worth watching.

This is was probably the first role of Kareena’s that I enjoyed. (She was pretty good in Chameli too). She looks fresh and pretty. Her unadorned face without make-up and the lovely clothes, makes her stand out like a fresh rose in Calcutta’s sometimes dull background (could have been the rains). Abhishek gives a great performance and one hopes he continues to get a few good roles.

Rani Mukerjee fits into her role as Abhishek loving but tormented wife pretty effortlessly. She’s looking better everyday and I’m looking forward to watching her with Saif in Hum Tum. Esha is pretty good too. All those small nuances and expressions she brings into her role. I loved the song picturisation on Vivek and Kareena. It was… something else! I’ve seen snatches of it on TV, but on the whole, the song makes you feel young and carefree… And wish you could experience that thrill of first love all over again :0)

The last fight sequence between the three guys at the very end on the Vidya Setu bridge was pretty amazing. The attempt at weaving politics into the story, was fine, but the way it was handled could perhaps have been more realistic. I would agree with Swami’s review on the unrealistic portrayal of some of the political situations and characters. But Om Puri did a good take on the Bengali accent!

My advice in four words. Go and watch it! Don’t expect a masterpiece. But it’s definitely worth watching for its visual style, cinematography and performances.

Momos. I love them. And if they’re cooked well, I don’t need much else. If you’re wondering where to go after a movie at Rex, try 93 Chinese on Residency Road. While it poured cats and dogs, we blissfully polished off a few plates between us. Nice choice, Jil! A good movie, delicious momos and the rain. Ah, it was a perfect way to spend Sunday!


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