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a drive to nandi hills

last saturday, took out ma cherie on her first long drive to a place called nandi hills, about 60 kilometres away from bangalore.

to get to the place, you need to get onto the bellary highway. and then keep driving till you get a sign that says take left. the road is good in parts and not so good in others. but a pleasant drive. we started very early in the morning and encountered heavy mist while driving up the hills.

when we reached the top, we could not see a thing. despite sending desperate prayers to the sun god, it refused to clear up. we wandered around the top and tried to get a view from the vantage point. the weather was nice and cool and we found a place to serve us dosas, bread omlette and piping hot coffee.

i clicked a few pictures and was not very hopeful because of the mist. but surprisingly a few photographs did turn out reasonably okay. the mist adding a touch of mystery to the pictures…

here they are…


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