last saturday, took out ma cherie on her first long drive to a place called nandi hills, about 60 kilometres away from bangalore.

to get to the place, you need to get onto the bellary highway. and then keep driving till you get a sign that says take left. the road is good in parts and not so good in others. but a pleasant drive. we started very early in the morning and encountered heavy mist while driving up the hills.

when we reached the top, we could not see a thing. despite sending desperate prayers to the sun god, it refused to clear up. we wandered around the top and tried to get a view from the vantage point. the weather was nice and cool and we found a place to serve us dosas, bread omlette and piping hot coffee.

i clicked a few pictures and was not very hopeful because of the mist. but surprisingly a few photographs did turn out reasonably okay. the mist adding a touch of mystery to the pictures…

here they are…

17 thoughts on “a drive to nandi hills

  1. Hi Anita,

    Those were wonderful pictures. Can we upload photos to some place other than Yahoo! Photos? You see, Yahoo! Photos really plays havoc on photo size/quality.

    Also, I was wondering why you have excerpts in your feed instead of full text. All the great bloggers I know provides full text in their feed! Something for you to think about!


  2. Thanks JD, am looking at options. I can host it on my own server but am trying to save my space 🙂 Will try and check if there’s somewhere I can post larger ones.

    Nilesh: Not exactly spoilt the fun! We had fun anyway. But didn’t get the views except on the way back when the mist cleared a bit. But it was a rather cloudy day so we couldn’t get the gorgeous shot you did 🙂

    Fairy: Yes, sometimes it’s much nicer to drive your own vehicle since you can stop anywhere you feel like and do things in your own time. Next, I hope to do a longer trip somewhere!

    Arun: Yes, that’s a nice one. And especially since I took it rather lazily from the car!!

  3. You could try image management programs that let you reduce the size of large image files for displaying on the web. Does not compromise on quality though.

  4. I don’t think it’ll cut down on the number of errors in comments. I click OK, it comes up in preview, I click OK again. Personaly I’m not likely to re-read what I just wrote. Now, a built in spellchecker as an optional item, that would be usefull.

  5. Anita, the photos were excellent. They really capture what the hills meant to you! Very artistic, very real.

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