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new beginnings. new year.

new beginnings. new year., originally uploaded by anitabora.

Wishing all of you visiting JALS an absolutely gorgeous 2005. This beautiful sight I encountered in Hampi on Christmas Day has remained entrenched in my mind.

With all the tragic events that followed, these are the moments that become even more precious.

I do hope you like it.

Love and peace for the new year to all of you…


  1. krishna says

    i think we all need a new and peaceful year…

    wishing you all out there…above all peace… and if we get lucky some happiness too

    hope it doesnt become just a change of calender

  2. a very happy new year to u 2 … that is just a perfect pic for the new year .. hope the new year year brings peace and happiness all around 🙂

  3. hey!! just wanted to stop by and say merry xmas and hope you hav a happy new yr at that!! 😉

  4. jyothi says

    Hi Anita,

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    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Happy new year to you. I have answered to the 13 questions have a look at them..Wish me good luck for gettting the prize

  6. Thanks Krishna, Surinder, Zara, Kishore, Bablu, CV Raman and Prasant. And wish all of you the same!

    And thanks for participating Raman and Jyothi. Will pick a winner soon 🙂

  7. Nice pic. Hampi a great place. And hopefully 2005 will be a greater year! Best wishes for a different, adventure filled year!

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