Dilip D’Souza has been travelling through the tsunami affected areas in TN and is reporting via his blog. His SMS despatches can be found at ChiensSansFrontiers. Amit Varma is another reporter from Mumbai who is currently in TN and blogs at India Uncut.

You can also read more news at Waves of Hope: A non profit free media news site run by volunteer reporters, writers and citizens from all over Sri Lanka. “News here is fresh from the trenches and free from the shackles of political bias.” Snapshots are available here.

George Iype reports in rediff.com that there is a clamour to adopt orphans, especially from the US, but the law won’t make the process easy.

This is an email I received from a friend. A non-profit volunteer organization called The Family. has sent out this appeal.

    We are sending this urgent appeal with a request for you to join hands with us in helping as many of these families as possible to recover from this devastating
    day. It is only as we work hand in hand with others like you that we can make a significant impact and bring the help and healing that these families and villages so desperately need.

    Phase 1
    We are organizing urgently required supplies for families whose homes have been devastated by the disaster.

    Phase 2
    The majority of those affect were fishermen and their families. After visiting the affected areas of Cuddalore (Thazankuda) and Nagapattinam, Injambakkam,
    Vettuvankeni fishing village, and Kovallam and after assessing their long-term needs we will be identifying families and focusing on rebuilding (we have decided to focus our efforts on rebuilding) their homes and livelihoods.

    Web: www.indiafamily.org
    Email: familyservices@vsnl.net
    The Family
    Executive Chambers, 18/6, Cunningham Road
    Bangalore 560 052 INDIA
    Phone : 22257230/1/2/3/4/5/6 Fax : 22202700

    Cheques/DD’s it should be made in the name of: Hand In Hand.
    All donations are Tax Excempt under Sec. 80 G of the Indian Tax Code.
    80 G number: DIT (E)/80 G (R)/ 40/ W-1/ 2004-05
    Dated: 17/5/2004 Valid from 1/4/2004 to 31/3/2007

One more appeal via email:

    Arthur who works for Divya Shanti (an NGO affiliated to Bridge Foundation) urgently need Green Gram to be sent to the affected areas. They do not accept money. Supplies can be picked up. You can call him at 93425-11366 (Arthur).

14 thoughts on “Help required

  1. Hello Anita,

    Greetings from a fellow blogger! I’m on a long term assignment in Bangalore with Oracle, so my blog is more “Bangalore from an American’s point of view.”

    Anyway, I appreciate your post regarding The Family. Do you know of other NGO’s in Bangalore that currently need volunteers? My wife and I are looking for such volunteer opportunities, but we’re not sure where and how we can help. Thanks!


  2. marco: thanks for dropping by! bangalore from an american point of view should be interesting 🙂 will check it out. i have emailed you some information on volunteering. let me know when you receive it.

  3. hey! anita

    ur list of indian bloggers is amazing

    just wanted to say thanks

    i can now connect to so many more people…

  4. sir/ ma’am

    this may sound kinda wiered.. i mean this post being here, but i would like to know of how i could get into any of the ngo’s .. wanna help too..


  5. hey anita..

    seems this is somekinda group…n a very interestng one i must say..but how n why was it formed i couldnt guess… m a software engineer working in Bangalore … i was tryin to find out about NGO’s in bangalore when i came across this page.. do tell me about this group..waitin to hear from u..


  6. hi everyone, i am part of a Bangalore based NGO that works in the field of education. we are not involved in the tsunami relief efforts but we definitely need volunteers. anyone who is interested or wants to know more plz contact me on srapri_priyu@yahoo.co.in.

  7. Hi anita…

    ive just finished my degree and am thinking on helping out in an NGO for abt a year. Can you please give me details or suggestions as to how i can go abt it?


  8. dear sir/madam,

    Please let me know any NGO’s that works for women’s liberation from domestic hardships and also a safe place to stay

  9. Hello Anita, I request you to help me out. I want to join the (Management of NGO’s course) here but before that I’ve to face interview as well as entrance exam too. Can you plz provide me some tips/suggestions and something more about NGO’s like how does it work and whatever You think that can be useful and of value for me to compete during the interview/exam. What are the necessary things I should remember? Waiting apprehensively for your reply before 31st,May. Thanks!

  10. Hi I am an advocate practising both criminal side and civil side at Bangalore. I wish to work for any NGO’s at bangalore please suggest any NGO addresses who are looking for Advocates or suggest my name for any NGO’s and I assure i will work to the best of my ability and Knowledge Sincerely .

  11. Hi Anita,
    Am looking for a place for volunteering opportunity for my brother. I would be in India between 27 jan 06 till 30 jan 06. will it be possible for you to give me some contacts.Would be nice if I can get some detail when I am there. Happen to see your blog just today.

  12. hey anita
    Its a great pleasure to find so many links to blogs of NGO managers on this page. IT will be of a great help. i support setting up funds for tsunami affected areas and their proper utilization

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