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… are the beautiful old houses. We have been struck down by the heat and that limited our outdoor activities. On Saturday, we did a bit of sightseeing along the Mangalore coastline – Kaup, St. Mary’s Island. We then veered inside to Moodbidri and lunched at a village called Paladka.

But yesterday, the sun got the better of us and we rested (aka slept) the whole day.

After the sun went down, we went around the area we’re staying in and decided to drool at some of the houses. One thing I’ve decided is to get Mangalore tiles for my roof when I build my house!

A few house pictures

15 thoughts on “The nicest thing about Mangalore…

  1. Mangalore tiles have always been famous for such type of houses. They also act as great heat insulators and that’s why you see so much of them being used in the south where temps get a little unberable. Hope you are enjoying the coastal cuisine.

  2. Sangeeta/Khushee: And there were so many of them… Will upload some more pictures soon!

    Kapil: I believe they are very good for the hot weather. We had a great time eating the food. Especially Mangalorean chicken which topped our list of favourites.

    charu: I am very much so! nice picture. i love sunsets. this time we got a beautiful one on ullal beach near mangalore. kaup beach we visited during the day so it was really hot. but a beautiful beach, never the less.

    lavannya: you would have loved the houses!

    calm winds: will do. but definitely not in summer. this was enough 🙂

    thanks ibh!

    thanks prem, will check them out.

  3. Me’s a huge fan of these tiles.wanted them for my house in Hyderabad. But the transportation and skilled labour cost for them makes them unfeasible in a place like Hyd.

  4. Fantastic eye of beauty……..I happened to visit the site while searching info on Mangalore Tiles……
    eed some infor from you on this place as will be visiting it this weekend………

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