Red is one of my favourite colours – mainly because of the vibrancy, energy and sheer passion it conveys. I always feel better in bright coloured surroundings 🙂 And if there’s one thing I like about Indian markets, it’s the plethora of colours one can see all around.

I was passing by Madiwala market one day, when I saw glimpsed this woman spreading out red chilli on the pavement. I had to stop! How could I not?

Nearby, there was another woman who was wearing a really cute red ribbon selling vegetables. I couldn’t let that shot pass either!

Woman and red chilli

Red ribbon

19 thoughts on “Market scenes

  1. (After being so involved in such volatile end of the week trading) I wouldn’t want to see ‘Red’ on markets.

    Nice pics though!

  2. hi anitha,
    i happened to visit your blog site,i ve been reading your blogs for quite somtime.i have to tell you that your photography skill is too good.and of course your blogs are worth a read.

  3. hmmm…your photos are tops! I have roughly the same equipment (nikon D40 – 50mm lens – no zoom) and i have never obtained a single photo as clear as the ones you have. any simple tips?

  4. the red ribbon photograph is really cool.. the colour contrast is striking.. it almost looks like one half of the photograph is b & w and suddenly it changes to the colour in the foreground.. – great shot!

  5. Cool photos!!!!!!! next time when I go to madiwala I am gonna check tht red ribbon lady for sure 😉 I never knew Bangalore has such beauties around, next time am also gonna go around with my cam, but I prefer taking snaps from my hometown Cochin…few snaps are there n my blog

  6. Wave length of red color is the longest!!
    The Indian bride traditionally wears garments of white zari or red fabric. Whereas white is a symbol of purity, the red confers energy.
    Kumkum, which is traditionally used as the bindi, is made by mixing turmeric, lime and borax which produced a natural red color. It is said that the importance of the bindi is due to the red colour itself (If anytime you should feel depressed then press the bindiya point you will experience sufficient relief.)
    Red has been shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate. People working in a red environment work faster, but they also make more mistakes. It increases appetite, restlessness and nervous tension. Creating a site with bright red and bright blue is a very poor idea! Bright red has the longest wavelength and bright blue has the shortest. When viewing these colors the human lens has to adjust to focus, and it tries to focus on both. This tires the eyes very quickly and will give the viewer a headache.
    Anyway,nice post from your side,Anita!!

  7. ‘Red Ribbon’ is a nice one…! Though I don’t comment very often on your blog I’ve been visiting for quite a while and I must say your sense of composition and framing has improved tremendously since your first few photographs…

    Needless to say, keep clicking…


  8. The red ribbon is the better shot of the two. Loved the composition and exposure – a memorable image. Wish you had underexposed the chillies shot slightly – would have helped saturate the red colour a bit more.

  9. Nice ! I love the way you catch those colors… the shadows around her and the way the color catches the light… really nice !!!

  10. Wonderful pics Anita. I always believe you need that instinctive talent to become a good photographer. And so you have proved, with those red colored pics. For it just strikes you at that moment that, I need to take that pic, there is something striking abt it.I really do appreciate your thought process and how you convey it through pictures. Wonderful. And a very good blog too !! Way to go 🙂

  11. Hey awesome pics. The ribbon reminds me of my sister going to school ;-). The wrinkles on the hand of the lady picking the chillies tell a tale.

    Keep going!!!

  12. nku, arjun, sudha: thanks a lot 🙂

    deepak: i don’t actually use a D40 or a 50 mm lens. but i am surprised that you’re not getting sharp pictures with the 50 mm. it is a really good lens. maybe you just need to work on keeping your hand steady. try shooting with a tripod and checking the difference. then you’ll know whether it’s you or your camera 🙂

    sathish: thanks! and that was pretty observant about the b/w effect 🙂

    shiva: have no idea but will try and figure that out 🙂

    jay: she might be gone the next time you make a visit! but cochin is a lovely place for photography. will definitely go there again sometime 🙂

    gangadhar: thanks for all the information!

    thanks anirudh!

    thanks sahil! and for leaving a comment. it’s nice to know who comes by here once in a while…

    thanks sabir! didn’t actually think about that. next time i shall keep that tip in mind 🙂

    thanks vignesh 🙂

    loueeely no? couldn’t agree more ree!!

    vijay: thanks so much for the nice words 🙂 it means a lot to me.

    thanks amit. i remember red ribbons in school too. i had very short hair though, so mostly it graced the heads of the other gals 🙂

    king kong: merci beaucoup!!

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