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  1. Hey there,

    wow|. Thats a nice blog thingy hehe. Well, I had fun reading your blog pages. Just thought of saying hello. You go on my browser favourites. well, do take care . ~waves~.



    I wanted to know..why you have typed AT instead of the ‘@’. haha. Is your keyboard conked too? believe me its a such a pain when keyboard is conked..you got to go cut and paste the some of the symbols from some where else. Hey I just wanted to say a quick hi..instead am rambling. take care TA DA.

  2. Hi All
    The lOndon bombing have really had an effect in my life. I am one of the 7 million lonodners and like any other normal day was rushing towards the Kings cross station to catch my tube to work. That was when I heard a loud sound and I saw the worst sight of my life. The place I came from in India was always a peaceful place(chennai) where I felt safe all the time and here I am in one of the world’s busiest places rocked by tunes of terrorists. Luckily I was safe but it took weeks for to get over the trauma. Ever sice this happened I have moved away from london. If any one reading this story of mine have any queries or comments, do key in a mail to vinojscorner@yahoo.co.in.

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