I was pleasantly surprised when I tuned in yesterday to find one more radio channel. So finally, Bangalore gets one more radio channel, Radio Mirchi at 93.3 MHz.

IMHO, there are too few radio channels on air. Which is strange because it’s such an economical means of communication with a high penetration.

This report analysing the trend of radio in India says, “It is ironical that while India has the second highest penetration of C&S homes in the world, radio has suffered from shunted growth. This can be attributed to misdirected policies by government, which did not give enough prominence to radio as a rich medium for entertainment and also for community development. Recently though, government has liberalized radio broadcast and this has resulted in most media houses diversifying to offer radio services. ”

I am hoping that we will see more niche and specialised stations coming up. There has to be more variety than FM Rainbow or Radio City (and now Radio Mirchi). And it’s quite a pity that Worldspace doesn’t have mobile units. They play some of the best music.

Though that might not go down well with a majority of the population which listens to film songs on radio apparently.

Some statistics from Madison Media Research (also from above link):

  1. Radio has a reach of 56% and there is a distinct skew towards males.
  2. Radio Mirchi is the most popular station and is tuned by people in SEC A and B.
  3. People listen to FM at home (70%), while driving (32%), at public places (9%) and at the office (7%).
  4. Almost 51% of the people listen to FM for an average time of one hour and another 39% listen to FM for a longer period of 1-3 hours.
  5. Sunday listenership is dramatically low with only 10% of the people tuning in to FM vs. weekdays where the number of tune-ins is as high as 94%.
  6. Majority of the people listen to Hindi film songs (63%), followed by Hindi pop (40%), remixes (37%) and English pop (33%).

64 thoughts on “Another radio channel!

  1. hello anitha …i have been an avid and silent reader of ur blog from over an year …. actually …the first blog i have read is urs … some of ur posts are exemplery. may be i am jealous of ur writing skills … i also started blogging very recently … lehkin … main tho bachha hun .. aapke saamne .. anywayz the way u group the words is simply superb!!!
    and some of ur nature pics are my wall hangings now …

    @post: r u appointed to research abt radio in ur organisation??? … i wonder how u collected all those facts …..good work.

    thanks and regards,

    naresh chityala

  2. Am another “silent” worshipper of your blog anita. (though I think i commented once before)
    You must have a look at Gurcharan Das’ article on radio and how it is governed by crappy policies.
    but soooo happy that bangalore has another radio channel! i remember that when i first moved to bangalore in Jan 2002 they used to play some amazing rock numbers from 11pm-7am….i would get up early in the morning…go for a run listening to some super music! Hope that the hindi-kannada censorship is not applicable anymore!

  3. i checked out radio mirchi and it has mostly kannada programming it seems. the ads are in kannada and the rj’s speak in kannad.i think i’ll stick to radio city for now.

  4. Just browsed through this link while surfing.Whats ur take on Rainbow 10 to 11 pm Western.Just taking a snap poll..Dipstick, something like that.Nice to see a dedicated expressive community of radio listeners.


  5. your programs are fine please spend kannada songs and devotionals more, today i feel that there is a defect in your audio signal that the left side audio is fine and the right side is weak and some noise please set it right. i checked with different systems and stations the same problem.
    thanking you,

  6. Check out another FM station at 94.3. Do not know what the name is. Just heard all Bryan Adams songs playing.

  7. Hello,
    I m Atul from Pune, i want to play radio from my pc , i m totally unaware of this concept. Will any one you tell me how to do this all?

    I got this page url in google search, when i was searching for radio on pc !!!

    Hope so you will help in this. Waiting for reply.
    Thank you.

  8. Hey,

    Does anyone know what channel 94.3FM in Bangalore is?
    It is cool. Plays non stop music without any ads or any anchor. Reception is pretty good.

    I think they are in the testing phase. Their music sometimes seems to skip at the beginning of each song. Sometimes the channel goes off air for a few seconds to a minute ….. But, I still believe this is going to be one helluva good channel.

  9. beware radio mirchi one more channel ” Bangalore One” entered the media market. understand the local feeling and act accordingly. otherwise you will be junked.

    viswanath R

  10. Please send me the URl of Radio Mirchi of Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Delhi and how to use that also.

    98.3, 91 FM


  11. can any one tellme how to listen radimirchi and red fm on pc
    Please send me the URl of Radio Mirchi of Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Delhi and how to use that also.

    98.3, 91 FM

  12. Please tell Me How Can I Access Radio Mirchi
    On My Radio Set. In Nagpur City

    My Radio Set Is Like An Antique item

    Any Changes Which Need Please say.

    I Live In Eastern Part Of Nagpur City.. Ranging 10 KM From The Railway Station.

    Did This Distance Is Not Enough To recieve Radio Mirchi

    Then What Should I Do.

  13. Mirchi or chillies brings ters to Kannadigas ears.Out of 24 hours of broadcast at least 12 hours should be reserved for Kannada songs.
    0-00 t0 2-00
    4-00 to 6-00
    8-00 to 10-00 am
    12-00 to 2-00 pm
    4-00 to 6-00 pm
    8-00 to Midnight

    Only then Radio Mirchi is honourable.

    Please note as long as Kannada is not respected,
    Radio mirchi has no Chillies and it is not hot maaga it is hate maga!

  14. Is it hot maga or Kannada hate magaa? we can’t understand the intention of the radio station.speaking Kannada is crocodile tears without braodcasting Kannda songs.Perhaps the standard of mixie hindi songs are sometimes unbearable.

    Sir,if Radio Mirchi is for Bangalore listeners first broadcast not only Kannda announcements but also Kannada songs at least 60% of your programmes.
    otherwise the downfall of mirchi is certain!

  15. hi this prvn,
    i need url’s of the following radio stations which work in chennai:
    radio mirchi
    suriyan fm
    radio city and etc.;
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me the url plzzzzzzzzz

  16. hi
    plz send me the URL of radio mirchi 98.3 fm, radio city 93.5 fm if u hav them. so that i can listen it on my pc.

  17. HI,

    Vinay Here i love listening music but due to my job its not possible for me to carry a transister but i have internet access round the clock.So i would kindly reuest you to help me with URL’s of following channels In bangalore:
    FM 91.1
    FM 98.3
    FM 101 & i mean i want channels which plays hindi songs preferrablly

  18. Now that u have written about Mirchi,do u work for Radio Mirchi?I am interested in RJing and I am a crazy fan of R J Rachna.She hosts Chill Madi every evening,can you please pass me her contact number Anita

  19. Hi There
    Can u do me a favor and feed Mirchi /city online? I will send you software and instructions? I am dyinf to listen to them here in USA, there is such a huge market here, I dont know why they do not tie up with XM or SIRIUS sattelite radios.

  20. FM Radio stations need to respect local sentiments and start playing Kannada songs most of the time. Only jockeying in Kannada is not enough.

  21. Iam a bangalorean married & settled in Coonoor, Nilgiris recently. I miss bangalore radiocity very badly.
    can someone plz plz send me the URL for the FM 91 in bangalore & Radio Mirchi.. especially the radio city 91 fm so that i can hear on my pc. Iam longing to hear very badly…iam tired of searching over the web…plz mail me at lakshmi.hv@gmail.com…

  22. Hi,

    Like most of the things available but not able to find the answer to my question how to play fm radio online using pc if you know pls help me out


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    Every body who born on this land has to take initiative, and also at the same time to explain the others to why we need to vote.
    I think you (Media) can do large impact than any other thing.

    So please take the first step and give big adds in papers and advertisements.
    With in fraction of seconds taj has to reach the number one position in the wonders list.

    It will also increase the our nation Revenue (Tourism)
    Say proud to be an India (Mera Bharath Mahan)

  24. nagpur is having very good potential , as no fm radio is operating .

    If efforts are initiated sonn then the business coverage can be easily aquired by the one coming first

    lets us see , who comes first in nagpur

  25. Please can anyone give me the links for
    92.7 Big FM
    94.3 My FM
    98.3 Radio Mirchi (all from INDORE)
    so that i can listen to them from PC?

  26. please send me all URL’S of radio stations in bangalore.I live in london ,i want to listen while i am free.

  27. heyy guys , could anyone please mail me the url of radio city, radio mirchi, big fm …………..

    please , i have my vacation ,am bored to death . so please mail them to me ASAP .


  28. Please send me the URL link to listen to live online radio fm
    any hindi which is truly live that i can listen through internet please..

    radio city and radio mirchi of bangalore, mumbai, ahmedabad ,delhi


  29. I have settled in hyderabad & Im missing bangalore very much.Hey any one here can give me an url for bangalore radio mirchi…plzzzzzzzz respond me on “vijayaraj.bijapure@gmail.com” I would be greatful to u.

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