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April showers and cats!

Ah, April showers! When the first few droplets fell on my balcony on Saturday evening, I thought it was my neighbours upstairs cleaning their balcony. When it started raining in earnest, I rushed out and put my hand out to catch the first few droplets. Rain still excites me for some reason. And it’s been so hot and humid over the last few days, that I could almost hear the parched earth asking for some water.

Keep off!

The cat however does not like it all. The rain I mean. This might be because of cats and their intense dislike of water. I remember trying to give the cat a bath in the earlier days. It used to be a war out there in the bathroom! She would squeal, squirm and latch on to anything she could with her claws (including me!). I would then try to untangle her from whatever she was hanging on to and put some shampoo on her. Then she’d shrink against one corner or jump up on a ledge and wail so loudly that I half expected the neighbours to land up at my doorstep with an official from a ‘cruelty against animals’ organisation.

Cuddle Up!

My vet one day, helpfully let it slip that cats don’t need bath. Ah, did he have to wait for two years to tell me this I wonder, half wishing I’d grow claws to sink into him for the stress he put me through!

Good sense prevailed of course. On both me and the cat and that was the last time I attempted to give her a bath. Cats are intrinsically clean animals and spend much of their time grooming themselves. If you watch them, you’ll know. They are not fond of anything on their bodies.

So, when it rains and gets a little cool the cat remains indoors (specifically on the bed or the blanket). She cuddles up and refuses to get up unless absolutely necessary (and that would be if I was physically throwing her off the bed!).

Stretch of the day

On the subject of cats, I wandered into the Magazine Shop today on Church Street today and to my delight saw, not one, not two, but 3 Persian cats. They were sprawled out all over the magazines. And there was one little kitten who kept playing amongst the magazine piles. I spent an hour there browsing around and looking at the cats. Don’t be surprised to reach for a magazine and find a cat instead. Next time around, I’ll try and get them on camera.

And the owner would have probably been a little suspicious as I seemed more interested in his cats so I picked up three copies of the National Geographic magazine (old issues, 3 for Rs 100, what a steal!), a Condé Nast Traveller and the Kingfisher’s Great Food Guide. Btw, the place opened 10 months ago and has magazines that you didn’t even dream existed! So if you get a chance, drop in at the shop. It’s below on the basement level in the RR building, Church Street.


And here’s my baby saying goodnight and god bless and hope you folks had a marvellous weekend. As you might have gathered from her different sleeping positions, she definitely did!


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