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Circle of life

We joke about death and dying. But it’s hard to accept when it actually strikes. It happened earlier in the year when a close friend lost her husband. He was in his 30s. Two young children. She’s never worked in her life. One day, he had a stroke and he was gone. He was traveling in another country. Just like that. I asked her then, how she was coping. “I don’t know,” she replied, “I still can’t believe he’s gone.” Now, of course, she feels it and all I can do is wonder how she’s managing since she’s in another city and I have little except a few words to offer.

On August 26, I received an SMS from a dear friend in Mumbai informing me that our former colleague from, Anjum Nair, passed away the day before. He used to sit about 2 desks away from me at work. He was suffering from stage IV cancer and fought a year long battle with the disease. I met his wife Patcy a few times – always cheerful and smiling – and my thoughts go out to her. I wonder how she’s coping, but like him, she is incredibly brave. He touched the lives of everyone he worked with. He was 32 years old. He was way too young.

Anjum, wherever you are, may you rest in peace.


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