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V-Day has become V-Scary Day!

Following my post yesterday, there have been more interesting (and predictable) developments in the Indian public space.

People in the city of Jaipur are advised to indulge in private displays of affection instead (this is very much Indian culture, btw) and make loads of babies. It’s good for the country, people. Jai Ho!

Actually, this happens every year, but it never ceases to be amusing. I really think these folks need some TLC and are seriously pissed off because they’re not getting any. But till then, they resort to making unpleasant threats and “blacken faces” of those found making public displays of affection (making threats, btw is very much Indian culture!).

So keep your hands to yourself is the bottomline.

Now we all know that this V-day stuff is crass commercialization, reason for rose farmers to make more money, and for Hallmark to increase bottomline and blah blah. But for heavens sake! Have they heard of non-participatory tactics instead? And don’t they have anything to do – like find better ways to run the country? Or loved ones to hang around with? Eh?

Here’s something for V-Day (advisable to read in private only)


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