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Back to School Again!

Loreto’s banner gaily floats
In lands both East and West
Loreto’s name each girl reveres.
And holds it ever blest.

– LC Anthem

Loreto Convent
A view of the front of the school

On March 19 we go around the lovely hill station of Shillong, where I spent most of my growing up years. I had attended Pine Mount and then later Loreto Convent from where I passed out. On a few earlier visit, I’d just had enough time to give the school a cursory glance while passing by. This time, I made it a point to re-visit Loreto again.

Chit chat, basketball, school plays, yoga, throwball, volleyball, chapel, cathedral church, mrs beena ahmed, mother superior, sister john francis aka sister margaret, shared lunches, the four lovely girls I found to form the famous five (arpita, rhea, preeti, neelam), sports days, playing joseph’s sheep, gray sweaters with red borders, red ties, tagore house, pinafores, potato chaat outside the school gates, gumboots during the rain : a whole lot of memories come back on my walk down memory lane.

A week or so ago, Arpita emails enthusiastically about the official North America mini LC re-union they’re having : four of them are getting together over the April 4/5 weekend in New York City and it promises a time for much fun, catching up, and craziness.

It has been a long time. And yet, it’s amazing how little everyone’s changed.

Outside the main entrance of the school are a few green benches : added much later I think. But nothing much has changed perceptibly.

Walking down the schools dimly lit halls and corridors, I feel like I’ve been transported back in time. A gaggle of girls emerge in the corridor and then quickly step into class as they see the teacher approaching. Another bunch is ready for the playground as they dribble a basketball along the way. Another little one has just finished her kindergarten classes and holds on to mommy for dear life. She looks relieved to be out of class!

Back to school again! Break Rushing...

Down the corridor, a couple of girls emerge from the chapel : the same one where I’d go and say a small prayer once in a while. A sanctum where the peace and quiet was both reassuring and comforting. I’d just get away during a break and spend a few quiet minutes kneeling down on those familiar wooden benches.

I peek into the hall downstairs, the one where Arpita and I spent many hours learning how to skate. I think we were among the few who mastered balancing on roller skates early on.

I am excited to find a photograph of our batch in the hallway, and point myself out to Ree, Venky and Deepsan who are with me on this trip. It’s difficult to convey one’s sense of excitement and deja  vu in moments like these.

While for them it must have been just another school, for me it was where I spent many precious moments of my life, growing up.

Oh, to be young again! Junk

I venture inside and try and take a look at the classrooms but since school is in session, I watch from the safety of one of the corridors. A few teachers walk around purposefully. No familiar faces, but everything else is somewhat the same! The same white buildings with the gray rimmed windows, the wooden plank floor. The uniforms look a little different. The house colours : red, green, blue and yellow – reflected in the T-shirts some of the girls are wearing : it must be sports day for them, I gather. But I still glimpse some kids in gray red-rimmed pinafores.

Next to the school is the beautiful Cathedral Church where we went on special occasions. Like Christmas when we had to sing hymns, most of which I’ve forgotten now. I love the stained glass windows and that serene feeling inside the large church. Quite a few school girls enter, say their prayers in front of the burning candles and leave.


The thought of school days always brings back special memories. And I’m so glad that I had the chance to attend Loreto. It’s in these very classrooms and in this very school that I found some amazing women who continue to be friends even today, even though they’re all scattered in different parts of the world.

They often say that the school days are the best and I can’t argue about that one!

The Back to School Album


  1. “loreto’s standard bearers we
    in girlhood’s springtime gay
    o may we e’er be loyal and true
    to the school friends of today”…

    these words just came rushing back. when i look back, the 10 yrs i spent in loreto darjeeling were the happiest and uncomplicated years of my life. the debate competitions, elocution contests, sr.joseph micheal teaching basketball, the music classes.

    yr post brought back lovely memories anita dear!

  2. Prasoon says

    Awesome memories that am sure you couldn’t have put down in a better way..

    Cheers 🙂

  3. venky: all the best for that 🙂 am sure it’ll be great fun!!

    aqua: glad that it did, m’dear 🙂

    thanks prasoon!

  4. Your post transported me back to my school days.

    Lovely pics…n pics…wat do I say about them…you’ve captured some wonderful memories.

  5. Anita, I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now though this is the first time I am commenting on a post. The pictures speak volumes about your photographic talent. Your posts are both informative and interesting. Wish such big schools were available in cities. My school did not even have a playground!!!!

  6. Rebecca says

    Hi Anitha,
    I’m an ex student of Loreto Convent,Shillong and am so glad to read this blog.Its a nostalgic feeling no doubt reading about our School.Although i’m an NRI i go home to Shillong regularly and never miss the opportunity to glance towards Loreto whenever i pass Dhankheti.Always feel so lucky to have had an opportunity to grow in such a prestigious and beautiful School.
    Your photographs are well shot.Thankyou for taking me down memory lane.

  7. hi rebecca, glad it brought back memories for you! it was such a lovely and beautiful school. i feel quite lucky 🙂

  8. sharmistha says

    Hi Anita,
    I am 1989 pass out of Loreto Convent Shillong.Those photographs were amazing. Truely took me on a trip down memory lane.LC days were the best years of my life.Thanks

  9. anamika gupta says

    hi,i am also from 1989 batch.remember ms lepcha and mrs bhattacharya?i still miss school.would love to meet all.sad news there is no photograph of our batch in the school photo gallery at the web site:ms u guys

  10. hi,once upon a time i was also in LC and seeing these pictures brings back lots of memories.nice of you to share it

  11. Evangelene C. Nongkhlaw says

    I’m a Loreto pupil about to do my I,C.S.E exams in 2008. Loreto has been everything to me. Though I’ve not been away from school for long, i do miss school so much and i do think it is because of the things Loreto has done for me. The wonderful memories of loreto and I together will continue to remain in my heart always, to remind me that I am a Loreto girl and Will always be even 60 years from now>>>

  12. maureen theobald says

    Thrilled to see photo’s of L/C, Shillong. My mother, who is now 90 years old, talks about her time there as a child and growing up. Her name was Ethel Morris, I wonder if anyone has a grandmother who would remember those times. I would very much like to visit Shillong one day – it looks beautiful.

  13. Sylvana Ngomdir says

    Looking at those pictures has truly transformed me instantly into the queen of nostalgia.I belong to the 1995 batch…and i’m not really sure if theres a picture of my batch in the corridoor,but yes school days were the best days.The last verse of our school anthem always gets me… makes me teary eyed..”And when our school days ended are and our varied paths divide….”
    I still think the overall worn in my day is better than the coloured shirts they wear today….i wish they would reintroduce the overall…the couloured shirts so much remind me of the Pine Mount sports day…and we dont want that resemblance ..remember…smile….Somebody wrote about Sister Joseph Michael…God bless her Soul..she is no more..but yes i remember her and vividly too,all over the basket ball court shouting out to one of my seniors…Jackie..”C’mon jack and the bean stalk”….we would call her JO MIKE…when my brother heard “Jo Mike” he thought we were talking about a rock star….School was fun..really fun.The one person i learned from most is Sister Anne Marie…I absolutely think of her as the best.

  14. Molly Sengupta (nee Dey) says

    Looking at those pictures brought back those sweet memories of a beautiful period of my life. I belong to 1978 ICSE batch. It seems it was only yesterday that I left school. Mrs Lepcha & Mrs Bhattacharye taught me too. Sr David was our Pricipal. Mother Monica & Sr Patrick & Sr Francis, oh those day .
    Those were the best days of my life.

  15. Candida says

    Loreto Convent Shillong will be celebrating its centenary : 1- 8 May 2009

  16. Pooja chakraborty says


    I’m was a Loreto pupil,
    gave myI,C.S.E exams in 2004.
    Loreto has been everything to me.
    Lookin at these picture i was taken back to my yesteryear of my childhood,those were the best days of my life.
    The tennis court,campus,park,classroom,the hall were the best place to hang out.
    NO matter wereever i stay i will always keep the l.c sprit high.

    thank you so much

  17. SHRAVASTI ROY says

    Thank you for sharing the loreto pics- brought some tears and goosebumps…anyway i left LC in 1984. Johnny was our claasteacher- any idea where she is??

  18. Fantastic shots :)…i was online searching for my Father’s Name and there popped the Surname and it turned out to be my sister 🙂 Sylvana. Great thing somebody thought of this link. I love the pictures and though very much stationed at Shillong I very rarely get a chance to visit our dear School. Walls have become higher than they were, merely due to the trouble days of migrants…chors and dakus….:) did i spell that right ??? and I still hear of the school Fete, not much has changed. Recently after years a big show the School Concert was held…and the anthem was sung at the end of the show..came out on the local News CHANNEL….and there i went singing along.
    We did love school isnt it ??? and we did have our trouble times too…being punished for silly things done…well talking of one of those SILLY things : a group of my friends and self included were made to stand right outside the Principal’s room as we wore our Father’s pajamas instead of the regular white bloomers that became a nuisance of sorts :)…well as we didnt have one stitched we wore our Dad’s Pajamas striped and all that just to avoid getting the bad-marks on the House Charts :). Loreto has a website : maybe Shillong LC is also linked…Check that site out :). Wonderful job done with the PICTURES :)posted on this link…

  19. deepali Junjappa says

    Hi, your blog brought back so many memories… truly the eleven years ( from nursery on) I spent in Loreto were the happiest and best of my life!

  20. Priya Jain says

    Anita : Kenyir Olga ( aka Olga ) and Sylvana are Kenjom’s (aka. Ken ) sisters , I remember all of you playing table tennis in the school gym downstairs?

    Olga, Deepali : do you remember our classmate Ranjita Bora?

  21. Maushmi S Borrah says

    Iam a proud Loretoen ! (If there is something like this) 1989.

    These pics have evoked my student self again..I would love to connect with all the 1989 ers!

    Anyone interested?


  22. Hi, I just came across your blog while looking for travelogues on Shillong. Lovely blog you have with beautiful pics. I am from LC Darjeeling and your blog on LC even though for Shillong, revived a lot of great memories!

  23. Candida says

    Loreto Convent Shillong will celebrate its centenary form 16 – 23 May 2009. (Kindly ignore my previous message).

  24. Nabiha says

    hello…i have recently left school….just 2008 batch….but my LC rocks…..honestly i grew as a person there. i luv my teachers….each one of them had a hand in making me what i aspire to be.
    my freinds-ho i have shared moments of joy and sadness…..the smell of fresh flowers and the beautiful pine trees swaying….just heaven in the hearts of little girls…..i luv my school…i have left but my sou still lingers ther….in the backstage, chapel, campus, compuer lab…..fountain….. everywhere

  25. Sylvana says

    Hey Priya,yes we are who you think we are(Ken’s sisters),you remember us playing TT in the gym?wow!!!!!!! thanks for bringing that memory back,honestly i’d forgotten about it.Where are you at currently and whats new ? As for me,I’m in Pune,I work for a multinational law firm and I keep myself motivated chasing the “a car,a dog and a house ” dream…its great to interact with contemporaries and going forward I’m hoping we’ll be able to meet up some day,you can write to me at care.

  26. Sylvana says

    Just as i was leaving here I caught a glimpse of the name “Deepali Junjappa”…..hey I remember you,you were my sister Olga’s batch mate , arent you? I remember you as a “mischievous,fun loving,thumb sucking” senior….are you still the same….I hope you’re doing well and off course I wish you well.Stay Blessed.

  27. Zos H. says

    I was a boarder in LCS in the 70s and the early 80s. One of my fondest memories of school is of Miss Philomena D’Abrew telling us stories during recreation – we loved The Scarlet Pimpernel and Bulldog Drummond. Years later I realised that there was only one Scarlet Pimpernel novel; Miss D’Abrew used to create her own Scarlet Pimpernel tales! And all she asked of us was that we gently rub her tired back as she told us stories – week after week, year after year…
    Wherever you are Miss D’Abrew, thank you.

  28. I was in LC for 12 years, but they still seem too short. The best years of my life, truly. I passed out in 1998 and have only been back twice to visit since 🙁 That reminds me, I need to register myself at And I do hope to be able to make to the Centenary Celebrations next year.

    Thanks for the lovely pics!

  29. Shoma Nandy (nee Dasgupta) says

    It was lovely reading your blog, brought back so many memories. I’m fom Loreto Shillong. ICSE, Dec 1976. Was a boarder there right from Class II. I also have wonderful memories of Miss D’Abrew sitting with us on the garden bench telling us stories of “Black Shirt”!!!
    I took my husband and children to see my school last year and they were floored!!!
    Keep on blogging!

  30. Sylvana says

    Hey Smita,well yes I think I do remember you.We just had one Smita in class so I guess I know who you are.Where are you located and what have you been upto?Its great to finally interact with someone from my class….write back to me when you can, and you can do that on till we talk again you stay safe.

  31. Hello to all past and present Loreto-ites! I’m a 1976 alumni. Was a boarder for 11 years. I never realized how much I would miss my school days at LC Shillong. Could someone please post the dates for the Centenary celebrations in ’09 one more time. School has hardly changed. Seems like I was looking at pics I took myself in the 70s!

  32. Postage stamp to commemorate the centenary – Extremely URGENT

    After talking over the possibility of the release of the Postage Stamp for The Upcoming Centenary of Loreto here in Shillong , the Post Master General has requested to prepare a detailed history of the school and a List of WELL PLACED PAST PUPILS OF LORETO CONVENT , SHILLONG .
    The history will be prepared by some members , all we need now v v urgently is the list of EMINENT & WELL PLACED ALUMNAE PERSONALITIES …. We’ve got only today and tomorrow , on Wednesday the 12th of Nov, the schoool authorities and some alumnae members have been asked to submit the matter mentioned.

    Sorry for the short notice , pls help …!

  33. Arundhati Goswami says

    Yes, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.Anita, those pictures you posted on your blog just zoomed me back to my past in Loreto Convent, Shillong. All the feelings, smells and sounds came rushing back – almost unbearably so! Thank you so much. You have done us Loreto alumni a BIG favor. My friend Arshi (Paul, nee Singh) pointed me to your blog and said to check it out because Loreto Shillong was getting ready to celebrate its Centenary. I am from the 1975 ICSE batch – the first batch to do ICSE. That year we had 2 batches graduating – us and the last batch of ISC students – Runa Khaund, Sangeeta Barthakur, Madhu Bhargava, Nuala O’Connor, Chom-Chom (!) Dutta, Shikha Chatterjee………!!!
    Where are my batch-mates now I would dearly love to know – Melanie Fegrade – are you still in Shillong? And Toony Gill, Natasha Harnal, Ratna Dasgupta, Veena, Aureen, Karobi, Kabita…… oh my, am I getting carried away or what?? See what you’ve unleashed, Anita. Good job. I really loved reading your posts.

    C.Shadap – doyou have Arshiya Sethi (nee Bawa) on your list of Eminent/Well Placed Alumni? I have heard she is doing well in the field of reviving interest in Indian dance forms – in fact, she had brought much needed attention to the Assamese dance form – Xhatriya Dance. Check it out. She is my batch mate – ICSE 1975. Thanks.

  34. Sylvana says

    Hello Arundhati Goswami,am an alumini of Loreto myself..I visit this page every once in a while to see if anybody I know stumbles on this one.I saw the name Toony Gill and that you want to know if she’s still around,well Toony Gill was teaching English at St.Mary’s College when I was there.I dont know if she’s still with St.Mary’s but perhaps you could call them and ask for an address or a number.Google up St.Mary’s College Shillong and good luck with re-establishing contact with your batch mates.Sylvana.

  35. Easterla Badwar says

    Hi Sylvana,
    I’m so thrilled to see your name on this site.Where are you and what are you doing now? I’ve been checking on the alumnae website for news about the Celebration next year and today I decided to open this one.I’m glad I did.I remember Smita Nandi too and your sis, Olga.Keep in touch.Take care.By the way,did we pass out in 1993 or 1995???? Bye for now.

  36. Easterla Badwar says

    Hi Sylvana,
    Looks like you’ve not had a look at this page yet.I asked you a foolish question(about the year) we passed out.I got a little confused.Never mind.Hope to hear from you.Take care.

  37. Sylvana says

    Hi Easterla,

    wow…really wow!!!!! its been so many years.How have you been?As for where am I and what do I do..I am in Pune and I am a lawyer.I work for a law firm here.What about you?I know you are with Loreto,but where are u located?Its truly been a long long while since we met and talked.I think the last time I saw you was when I was in law school.I was travelling home and I met your entire family at the railway station in Howrah….remember?I read about the centenary celebrations but I’m doubtful if I will make it.I have some travel plans set for that time of the year and you know corporate world is ruthless and miserly with its granting of leaves and I’ve been planning for this trip for months now.Are you going?If I am able to make it I will surely let you know….write me on and dont forget to write where u are ,your address and telephone number if possible.Stay safe.Sylvana.

  38. Easterla says

    Hi Sylvana,
    Nice to see your reply.Am in Shimla now.Will give you all the details later.I may go for the Celebration.Am not too sure.Good to hear that you’re a lawyer.What kind of law do you practice? Will keep up through personal mail.

    Keep in touch.Bye for now.Take care.

  39. Sylvana says

    Hi Easterla,

    Yes I am lawyer and I have a specialization in International Law and Human Rights.I work for legal firms that off shore work mostly that includes Litigation support,proof reading,Case law analysis,Legal Due Dilligence……Contract Drafting….loads of other stuff..yes I will write you on your personal mail as well.JUST KEEP ME POSTED.

  40. Dr. Kenjom Ngomdir says

    Hi all Shillong LC..ites, LC is very close to my heart because all my three sisters studied there till 10th(ICSE) and because of such high quality basic education imparted to them, they are INSHALLAH doing well in life.My sisters are Kenyir Olga Jacqueline N. Ngomdir, Kenter Sylvana N Ngomdir and Kenny Mona Lisa N Ngomdir LC also has given me great friends like Dalanglin Dkhar, Priya Jain, Bernadiene, Anita, actually many more. I use to come and teach table tennis to a couple of friends, with permission from Sister Anne Mary. Being in Edmunds there was a lot of interaction those days, I really don’t know how its like these days as I am hardly in Shillong as I am shifting base all the time,at present I am on Study Leave in Patiala,Punjab doing another specialisation in Sports Medicine from Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports and Government Medical College, Patiala, otherwise I am working as a Senior Medical Officer with CRPF, posted in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir since 2005,( I have specialized in Pediaterics and Accident Trauma and Emergency Medicine) seen a lot of action there.My Battalion is still there and when I do finish my PG in June-July 2009, I would probably go back and finish my tenure there. This is for the information of all my friends from Loreto Convent who would like to ever visit Kashmir, most welcome to come visit, it is beautiful indeed. I can be reached at
    Also I would be very happy if all my old friends would contact me, they can also reach me through my sis Sylvana who seems to be regular here.
    Hi Sylvi, see you at home soon.

  41. Rekha Venkataraman (nee Kailasam) says


    I live in Houston, Texas, and every once in a way I am overwhelmed by a gush of nostalgia for my Loreto days. I am an alumnus of (grab this!!!) 1967, and I would DEARLY love to make contact with anyone from that batch…..Rita Das, Rita Deb, Verity Harley, Tapti Dev Varma, Mithu Biswas, Watila Ao, Mary Jezzard…..anybody. Please reply, as I would love to make contact.

    Dec. 23, 2008

  42. Badalin Helvink ( nee Laso) says

    Its been a while since I walked down those halls, but Loreto will always have a special place in my heart. My daughter Heather attended a year and a half before she returned back to the States. I do return to Shillong often and meet up with some of my classmates…Rebecca, Adella, Roselind.Social networking has allowed our batch to connect fairly regularly.My husband Joseph has visited our school and looked at the wall of photographs of graduating classes.Of interest, one of his cousins was a Irish catholic brother with the Salesian order in India; he spend time in Shillong but passed away in Asansol several years ago. What a small world.
    Naples, Florida

  43. SO EVERYONE : hear me out…
    There has been loads and loads of messages…on this site 🙂 thanks to Anita.

    Please try your very best to make it to the Alumni meet and it is in MAY 2009. Please read the messages carefully and the web-links for the details are also mentioned.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR…and Stay Blessed. See you in MAY at the school centenary celebration 🙂 it would be fun if some could come dressed in their old uniforms :)…hahhaha. By the way the uniforms have changed drastically over the years…the overalls have been taken over by white skirts and shirts to match the House you belong to…but thankfully…we still have kids adorned in the MAIN UNIFORM i.e. the grey skirts, white shirts, red tie and Grey Sweaters and Coats…aha…:) black shoes and white socks…Still looking the very best in town.

    Happy New year once again.

  44. Yvonne Ward Kharkongor says

    I am looking for my classmates (ICSE Batch 1981). I am a resident of New York State at present. I would love to be present for the centennial celebrations. This website has brought back fond memories, I remember sister John-Francis..what a great teacher…I was a boarder during my last year of school and enjoyed every moment of it.

  45. Veena says

    Hi Arun,

    Was trying to register online for the coming centenary celebrations, when I saw your post. Toony’s in Shillong, Ratna’s in Delhi, Aureen’s in Rochester, Eva’s in Texas, Gautami’s in France, Apuii’s in Delhi, Arshiya’s in Delhi, Kabita’s in Gauhati, Melanie’s in Assam, so is Sarita. It’ll be great hearing from you. Do write at

    And thanks Anita. Great work!

  46. Hello Esterla,
    am sure you do remember me : as you have mentioned my name severally while conversing with Sylvana my younger sister…shes your batch…incase you forget. However I take this opportunity to Congratulate you : Better late than never…on the occasion that took more than a lifetime to decide…your profession speaks a lot…may your endeavours bring joy to the congregation…life to it and to this school we so much love : LC. I met your sister Regina way way back…and she told me you had send us an invitation for a social gathering on your final Vow taking as a Sister in LC…well i cant formulate the words really…but thats what i know…however as we may have gone outstation : I must confess…that we never recieved the invitation…or we’d have met up…at your place. You have made us proud…notmany take up to this profession for life…many let go half way thru…but we really as a family appreciate your guts and will-power. Thanl You for making this small Khasi Community Proud of your doings. Till then Take care : hope to see you and your sisters…at the Centenary meet in May 2009.

  47. Kakoli says

    Hi Girls,
    I am Kakoli Mitra nee Bose of the 1973 batch. Hi Nandita . I loved seeing your post. How are you? Iam intouch with maitrayee and Champa. How and where are sabera, Mehmooda Yasmin Nashrin , Arundhati … God i could go on. Do drop in a line at and

    I just loved the pictures. I think the blog is facilitating long lost friends in reestablishing contct.

  48. Deepali Junjappa says

    hey girls… yesterday met up with L.C girls Sonata, Nisha Springett n Payal Nongbet…n had a blast talking about school days… what fun , madness,…. we just didnt want the night to end…got sozzled in the end…

  49. Surekha Murthy says

    Hi, I am looking for a very old friend of mine from Loreto Convent Darjeeling. Her name was Anita Shah, she moved to Jaipur around 1976-77. If any Alumni is aware of her whereabouts please mail me at

  50. SSabera Ahmed nee Sultana says

    Hi Nandita & Kakoli,
    Chanced upon this site looking for info on LC centenary celebrations. Great to see your posts, girls! How are you both doing? It has been decades since we connected! Living in Katy (suburb of Houston), Texas. My husband is Rumu Ahmed, Edmund’s batch of 1962. We make our annual pilgrimage to India and get to visit Shillong since Rumu’s from there. The highlight of our trip is going to Edmunds and LC, spending time leisurely strolling the grounds,the corridors and hallways, looking into the summer house, oh yes the creaky summer house where we used to blast the music and dance our hearts away with passers by from the road below looking up at us in amusement and amazement!!!(the hedges are really tall now)….every part of the school brings back wonderful memories..seems like just the other day. LC looks the same except the hall, is well maintained, beautiful blooms, but I think there have been many changes internally. Lost count of the number of pictures I’ve taken…will send them to you…think you all will enjoy them. Have lost touch with most of the girls but Nirmali always comes to see me when I’m back home. She even visited me in the States….we had the time of our lives! I also kept in touch with Anita till she left us some years ago…that was absolutely heartbreaking…took me a long time to come to terms with her passing. I still miss her a lot. Oh yes, Arundhoti came to see me last year when I was there. Arundhoti, Nirmali, Sangamitra, Kuki, Benita all live in Guwahati. By the way where are you girls? Kakoli please say a hello for me to Champa and Maitrayee…are they in Cal? Girls do keep in e-mail is
    And now to ARUN…how are you? I believe you are in the Dallas area…well, I’m not too far from you, you know!! Met Jaya a few years ago…she lives close by too. Sangeeta used to live here…is in Washington state now. Saw her here some years ago at a wedding. We make contact whenever we can. Hey do keep in touch and come and visit when you get a chance. We had a great Bihu celebration in Austin last week…you should come next time…it’ll be great to see you. Well, bye to all…hoping to hear from you all.

  51. Romasa says

    Hey LC Girls,
    I feel nostalgic reading familiar names and about all the wonderful times we all had in school. Those days were by far the best..possibly the longest I have been in one educational institution. Know what I stayed next doors to Loreto for 10 year..and still can hear the bell ring for prayers, then lunch, the classes and so on, in my mind. I visit home every year and every time I pass the traffic point in Dhankheti..I stare at the walls ..just hoping to see a familiar face. One of my first jobs was at a project office opposite the school “Eldarado”..and no matter how much I try..I proudly tell everyone that I was a student at Loreto Convent, Shillong.
    Love to all.

  52. Christine Pereira (nee Furtado) says

    Hello everyone particularly my 1973 Batch mates,
    You definitely appear to have enjoyed the spectacular centenary reunion. It was heartening to read the feedback, toughens my resolve to definitely make a return visit and retrace my steps of the seventies.
    It would be lovely to hear more from anyone who remembers me. My mother, Loretta Furtado, taught at Loreto whilst I was studying there.
    In nostalgia,

  53. Zos H. says

    Christine Pareira,
    Yes, I remember the name Miss Furtado. But I cannot recollect whether she was the music teacher or a teacher in the junior school; I was a very little girl then. However I do remember somebody dropping her ring into the innards of the grand piano in the hall and everybody peering through the strings trying to locate the ring. I’m mentioning this incident because I remember there was a Furtado somewhere in the picture!

  54. Zos H. says

    Also, does anybody remember or know the whereabouts of Mrs Virmani who taught Hindi in the ’70s? She had two daughters called Uma (Huma??) and Anju. I always flunked Hindi (and badly too) until I was in Mrs Virmani’s class. She was so kind and so encouraging that I managed a continuous string of E’s while she was my teacher! She also taught us a poem Hum he Veer which we performed on some function carrying cardboard rifles.

  55. Mudita Tripathi says

    Hi all!
    I was in LC Shillong from 1978 to 1987. Best years of my life. I am sorry that I could not attend the centenary celebrations. I am sure all who attended had fun and from what I have heard, it was very grand.

  56. Christine Pereira (nee Furtado) says

    That may have been my older sister Marianne who was studying at St Mary’s College at the time and probably taught music part time at Loreto. I dont recall this incident but have e-mailed to ask her to confirm the same.
    It’s amazing how certain things get etched in our memories because of the impression they make:)
    Those were happy days and we enjoy reminiscing:))

  57. muskaan says

    hey this is a x student if LC i ve lost all contacts of my frnz as of transfer from shillong if any 1 new seema or nancy from previos tenth plese tell

  58. annapurna says

    A great big thanks to Anita for helping the memories flood back …wonderful, wonderful days spent at LC…the pics are simply priceless
    so many of u I still remember well… are u?d’u still play the drums?
    Mudita,Sharmishtha, Anamika…how are you all?

  59. BRIJESH VERMA says

    Hi Anita,

    I vividly remember your name,as my sis was a student of LC.I am sure you would be knowing her….Yeah its Anuradha Verma…..I was going through the comments of different people most of the names sound so familar…

  60. Sylvana says

    Nothing much happening on this page…I cant help but ask myself if one of the writers here, Muskaan, is really a Loration…let me quote her “hey this is a x student if LC i ve lost all contacts of my frnz as of transfer from shillong if any 1 new seema or nancy from previos tenth plese tell “……well “please tell” me what happened to all that wren and martin we worked on…

  61. sangita saraogi says

    lovely to see such clear pictures of the school. memories are vivid.
    We are trying to make an alumnae in kolkata of all shillong loreto girls. 6th october is the day we get together for a kick off. wish us luck. hope we form a strong bond here.

  62. Mrinal says

    The chanawala with the green box was really amazing.
    scenes of the clamour to get the first serving on news print cones of that amazing concoction for 50 paise or a rupee outside St. Edmund’s gate at 3 o clock flashed past my mind.
    there was another guy who sold Aloo. not the boiled one with the imli chutney but the hot curry. the guy would usually get sold out within 30 mins on the Annual sports day.
    thanks for the glimpse but I got an ache in my jaws now.

  63. Rajiv Sangari says

    Anyone who knows friends of Anuradha Verma from St. Marys college, pls drop me a email, I am getting my wife , thats her, to Shillong for a trip, wanted her to get in touch with her friends.

    Rajiv Sangari.

  64. natasha kumar says

    this is natasha kumar from the 1996 batch where the principal was sister anne marie and our class teacher was ms guha roy. miss all the fun we had in school and also miss sir thapa and mr giri for being so supportive’ thanks lc shillong for making me what i am today
    contact me in

  65. Enakshi Baruah says

    Dear Anita,
    These pictures are awesome. It has been a long time since I left LC. These pictures brought back childhood memories very dear to my heart. We were indeed fortunate to study in this elite school. Thanks very much for sharing these wonderful pictures.


  66. Aruna Kohli (Sachdeva) says

    Hi ! Rekha
    Great to see your name.I have been tracking down some class mates from 1967 batch too. Used to sit next to you and Watila in class X. Was a day-scholar for three years and fondly
    remember those precious school days and each one of you. I am in Bangalore and would love to keep in touch.

  67. Yogini Joshi[Bhide] says

    Great photographs!
    The pictures really took me down memory lane.Unfortunately I haven’t been back since 1982 when we left Shillong.
    Do remember Molly,Chandrima. I came across this as I’m trying to find Romio.If anyone has contact info on her please let me know.Recently made contact with Betty Joseph.
    I’m from the’79 batch my email is so contact me.

  68. VG says

    I am not from LC , didn’t do my school­ing in Shil­long. But joined col­lege there. St Mary’s . Would any­one know any peo­ple from the 1976 batch?

  69. Juban says


    I was from lc and i know what it feels like to miss this great place where we learnt pretty much everything..including what we learnt from our friends and classmates which have proved to be quite useful till date. Looking at the pictures just brings back all those memories and i’m glad to say that i was from loreto and will forever be a Loretian at heart!!!

  70. Susana nee Verghese says


    I was in Loreto Shillong for 3 years (1st to 3rd std) and part of the ICSE batch of Dec 1975. I came looking for pictures of the past and found this blog. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I am trying to jog my memory. Was there a Sr. Winifred in 1968/69? I recall she taught us to speak proper English with a mirror in front of our mouths to round our O’s. And Mrs Baudloy? (sp). My mother Mrs Verghese taught homescience to 10th/11th std girls. and those of you who graduated in 1967-1969 would have had her as your teacher. Any memories? I’m going to dig out my album and find some names.

  71. Lalnuntluangi Tochhawng says

    Hi Susana,

    I remember you. You were in my class with Miss Bordoloi as our class teacher. Your mother taught domestic science to the ISC classes and yes Mother Winifred taught us elocution and it is thanks to her that one’s diction is the way it is. I’m not too sure if you would remember me but nice to see your post. And your name is part of the many I recall of Class 2 B.

    Lalnuntluangi (Apuii)

  72. Deepa Majumdar says


    I was in Loreto Shillong from 1959 through 1970. I graduated (Senior Cambridge) from Delhi in 1972.

    Yes Loreto holds many magical moments in my memory. We were fortunate to have studied in a beautiful natural environment. Our education was well rounded.

  73. Kenyir Olga says NOT WORKING : is the website not maintained any further ? wanted to know…!!! any news

  74. ksampathkumar says

    hi there anita? i had a very good friend yasmin who stayed in Nongthaymai who’s brother name was Daniel and whose dad was a COLONEL in the Army.she studied at Loretto’s convent way back in 1973-1974.if she is your friend and you are still in contact with her,please ask her to send me a mail as i know her entire family since we were her neighbours as my father was also in the a matter of fact she was very close to my sisters JAYANTHI & REVATHI KUMARASWAMY.thank you and looking forward to hear from you or your friends who remember yasmin a very special FAMILY FRIEND.regards.SAMPATHKUMAR,CHENNAI

  75. Tapashi Saha nee Roy Chowdhury says

    Hi,I am 1974 passout.I am trying to get in touch with my classmates.

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