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Now for some food…

I’m sure most of you would have stopped at Kamat’s Lokaruchi on the Bangalore Mysore highway near Ramanagaram at some point or the other.


It’s a popular stop for travelers and especially at lunch time, when they serve traditional South Indian meals in plantain leafs. I was of course super excited since I don’t get to eat food served like this too often.

Starting off

I tried the same meal on subsequent days as we’d timed our stops so we could be there at lunch time. The chatnis, sabjis and accoutrements that go along with the meal are really delicious and I savoured eveything on my leaf immensely! And I like the way everything is served in small quantities so you can ask for more of whichever one you like the most.

Full meal!

They had three kinds of meals the day we visited: Karavali, North Karnataka and Ragi Mudde. I so enjoyed the Karavalli meal that I had it on both days.

Kamat Lokaruchi

A must stop on the highway and try and make it for lunch. Weekends are crowded but worth trying to find some place 🙂


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