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Don’t go chasing waterfalls!

But we did! And what an exciting chase it turned out to be.

Starting with a one hour climb up the mountains, emerging into the green valley kissed by fleeting clouds and then a walk along the ridges of the mountains to reach our destination – the Bandaje Abbe falls. After which, we come to our little camping spot right next to a gushing stream.

I like this spot!

Just beyond this serene and peaceful spot, a little further down, the stream gushes out over the rocks and turns into a beautiful waterfalls.

Bandaje Abbe

It’s not advisable to stand over the rocks as it’s a slope and you can easily lose your grip. So we crawl on our stomachs towards the edge. And look down as the water roars over the rocks over the side of the mountain; down, down, around 150 feet and then disappears into the thick forest below.

View from the top

Oh, what a feeling…

No words needed, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Sunset @ Bandaje

The Bandaje Abbe trek album


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