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Do these people really have nothing else to do?

It’s amazing what can take over the collective consciousness of a minority of the population and get a seemingly trivial non-issue hyped all over the media!

A kiss, a saree and now Buddha in the bathroom?

Like someone said, it’s okay to relieve yourself in public places (that’s obviously a part of our great culture) but a kiss – hai ram!! And whoever said you can’t have a Buddha statue in a bathroom? When has that been against the law?! It’s getting more ridiculous by the day.

We’re going to set some kind of a record in filing public litigation cases. And burning effigies. At this rate we’ll have an booming effigy making business at least, if nothing else.

Thankfully, this case has been thrown out!


  1. My social sciences books in school told me that India was a tolerant country. Blatant lies. We are becoming more and more obsessed with such trivial things. Given that “the law of the land” has so many restrictions on the use of the flag and other “objects”, I wonder where this will all lead.

  2. …And… I bet more than half of the politicians who showed their ‘concern’ about the National Anthem / NRN episode won’t be able to recite the National Anthem if asked to…

  3. We need a lot of changes in the Indian System – starting with politicians, media next and the mindset of ‘people’ too.

    Until a cleansing act is done, nothing changes.

  4. I believe most of us are totally confused and lost when it comes to Indian values and culture and the leaders and media is doing a superb job of further confusing everyone with meaningless crap!

  5. Ha ha.. I love the comments.. Its few.. But its diverse. I mean ranging from constructive suggestions to desperation to humour. Come on Guys relax. It s a Country who have tried to stand taller for its height. And I guess in process of standing tall, we did set our bar very high. Finally we are all human. Those who are opposing are poor people who will get 50Rs of whole day of shouting and vandalising. They dont even have a voice. They are paid caricatures. Those behind them are already half-dead. you know who had put them to their position..it s US. We careless, indifferent voters.. who think voting is some kind of not-so – cool thing.
    And if we were not tolrant country..how else you explain our general good ness to even britshers who tormented our ancestors and ripped our country of its wealth.. I mean the point is those who are arranging these circus shows of objections are nothing..BUT our annointed political leaders..

  6. He He, missed out on the Budha one. Thought the cake, the kiss and the saree kind were too much. Am totally speechless at the Budha one!

  7. There was a quote “Everyone will have his 15 seconds of fame”. I want to change it a little and quote “Everyone’s effigy will be burnt” -Rk 🙂

  8. swapnadeep says

    Just was wondering … its been 48 hrs since the dera sachha sauda flare up in Punjab and it seems to me that every religious sect in india is “mad” about something or the other right now … i guess its silly season yet again .. ( but wasnt that the monsoons ? ..no wait .. they have floods to update minute on minute nowadays ) AND be it big or small it always has to be accompanied by gratuitous violence meted out to straw effigies which then block the drains during the monsoons.Maybe we should all go to the Metropolitans Magistrate’s court in LA to file a case against Richard Gere for indecent exposure by proxy .. Mr.Kejriwal lifted his pants above ankle height in front of the Mehboob residence on thursday last. Hari Om.

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